December 18, 2013

Today, well… I met a new friend. Mama told me about him, he was the most special pitbull in my old earth world ever, his name is Butch Bowen. He is Ryan’s boy. And he loves Ryan with his whole heart, forever and always, just like me and Mama.

Mama met Butch when he got his family. First he got Michelle, that is when Mama met him. She and my Dad went to play with him after the wedding. Butch loved them and welcomed them into his house, people just don’t get pitbulls but my Mama and my Dad do. They knew Butch was a “good boy”. Not to long after he got Michelle he got two baby girls! The girls are called Ashlynn and Lauren. Butch, well finally he had a real family and he would have protected him with his own life, that’s what pitbulls do. Dad says they were called the Nanny Dogs many years ago.

Lately, Butch hurt a lot. I could see it from here, you know we see everything from here. Butch knew Ryan would miss him when he left and so would the rest of his family. But it was time for them to let him go. It’s hard, real hard, the letting go.

Me, well I’d like Butch’s family to know he fits right in here. He and I we are so close, buddies really. We run and play and have so much fun. When I first came here my writing changed. It is so different here on our side of the bridge, truly magic. My first writing after I came was on November 12, 2010. Butch and I, well… we hope the Bowen family has a chance to read that post. Butch and I well… we know nothing really heals the pain of a broken heart but it just might help the Bowen family to know what it is like here. Because from here, Butch and I, we can see a far, far, ways.

Hugs, Riley

November 23, 2013

Mama and I we are just so very busy. It seems I never have time to write with all of the helping and such. Mama is very busy on my earth world at Riversbend. Mostly my Mama helps all the puppies and kittens oh and older dogs too with vaccinations. Sometimes animals are sick and Mama is the helper then too. My fund often helps when needed at all of the animal hospitals where I used to live. Soon my fund will be having another spay and neuter clinic, that is a good thing.

Mama’s new Scotty pup Mac is a real challenge, I watched Mama when he visited children in Mecosta yesterday with my Dad and my Sisters. Mac talked too much and Mama had to settle him down, he is just learning, it will be ok.

This week at Mama’s work Fedor a really great boxer had to cross the rainbow bridge. He was a good friend of Mama’s so she asked me to help him. Of course I did, we had one of our special processions for him. He is my friend now. He told me Mama storied which made me very happy. I suppose Mama and I will miss each other for all of time, that kind of love just never goes away.

Hugs, Riley

October 6, 2013

Mama and I are so busy now we hardly ever have time to write. But we still think of each other all of the time. I suppose it will be that was for always. That’s how it is when you love someone.

Last night I watched Mama and all of her friends at the Riley MacKenzie Fund Fundraiser. I was so proud of them. So was MacKenzie. We never thought that a fund named after us would raise so much money to help so many animals.

I suppose that’s our connection, Mama’s and mine. In her earth world Mama is the helper. Up here and when I lived with Mama I was and still am the helper. Dogs, it is just what they do for their people. That’s what it’s all about the helping and the love.

Mama right, now I am sending you the best boxer wiggles ever.

Special hugs right from your very own boy,

May 19, 2013

Today for me is really quite something for my own dear Scottish Brother Kegan has crossed the bridge to live here for all of time. All of heaven is plaid.  For my Dad and my Mama my heart is breaking and there is sadness everywhere on my farm.

Hugs, Riley

April 27, 2013

What a wonderful day! I got to see Mama and my Dad walking in the field with all my brothers and sisters. Those times really they are the best ever. I love my hay field.

Then my Aunt Barb and Uncle Lonnie get to give all six of Peyton’s boxer puppies to wonderful families today. I hope the puppies know how lucky they are that they were so loved and so cared for. Mama and Aunt Barb chose each family so very carefully so that all the puppies would have wonderful forever homes. And Peyton found a awesome home too! How cool is that!

Today my Grandma and my Uncle will come to my farm to visit. Those are the best days ever. And next week is RMF walk with your dog. Everyone will have so much fun and then they get to have hot dogs at the Sawmill, that Linda at the Sawmill, she is just so nice. I can hardly wait to see everyone!

Hugs, Riley

March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday! Got to love it! Finally I see Mama and all my brothers and sisters this week walking in my hay field. For me and for Mama those were the most wonderful times ever. Just Mama and I side by side in the hay field, walking, and loving each other so, so very much. I watch now and I love to see them all, Traveler, Lexy, Britta, Rusty, Zoe, Kegan and of course Mama and my Dad. Spring… It’s just the best time ever. We are getting ready up here to make sure all the baby animals are born safe and sound. Life begins, got to love that.

Hugs, Riley

March 23, 2013

Mama has been so busy this week at her new job. I love watching her work at the doctors office. All the pretty dogs and kitties that come in are so fun! Of course Mama took my doctor picture to her new work. I think Mama is just in the best place ever. For the most part Mama’s work is very happy, lots of animals get well because they go there. The Doctors are so very nice and smart too!

Sometimes though when someone is very sick they cross the bridge. That is the times when Mama and I work together. That’s right, Mama and me still working together. Mama takes care of them in her earth world and speaks to them kindly. Then the Doc helps them so there is no more pain. Then I greet them at the Rainbow Bridge, there are so many of us who help them cross over. I will help Mama for all of time, that’s just the way it is.

Hugs, Riley

March 13, 2013

For Mama it is a big day. She has to leave her Carolyn and her Denise at her old work. They are Mama’s special people. For they were with Mama when I had to cross the bridge. For my own dear Mama that year, well it was just the hardest year of my own Mama’s life. My Mama’s heart was broken for a long, long time. But every day her Carolyn and her Denise were so kind to her. I really don’t think they knew how much they helped her… day after day.

Then one day Carolyn brought in a story and told Mama I think you need to read this. It will help you. And you know what? It did help Mama. The story talked about how when someone like me crosses the bridge… you know someone who is so very special and so very loved…  your heart dog. While that heart dog who loved you so unconditionally, well all the losses of your whole life get rolled right up into that one loss and the loss becomes nearly unbearable. That’s how it was for Mama. Now when someone’s heart dog or heart cat crosses over Mama tell’s them Carolyns story… and somehow it helps… just like it helped Mama.

The day came for Mama and for me that we finally got sort of used to Mama being the helper on earth and me helping the big guy with all the animals on my side of the bridge. I think that Mama’s new job will be like my job up here. I greet the animals who are crossing the bridge and Mama will greet the animals at their Doctor’s office, we will be the helpers, both of us together.

Mama and I in our hearts will be forever grateful for the time that Mama spent with her Carolyn and her Denise.

Hugs,  Riley

March 6, 2013

I have been so very busy watching Mama that I have not even had time to write! So much is goint on for Mama and my fund I have to take naps just watching her and all of my friends.

Last month my Aunt Sue got a little boxer pup who was kinda mixed up. He did not know people are nice. She named him Finn, you know like Huck Finn cause he was starting a new life full of adventures. Aunt Sue hugged him a ton, for a couple weeks. If I was going to pick the best hugger ever it would be Aunt Sue, well cept for Mama.

So guess what? Aunt Robin and Uncle Bruce had to watch Finn for Aunt Sue cause she was in Florida for a week. And guess what he did? I whispered in his ear and told him how to. He weaseled right into Uncle Bruce and Aunt Robins heart. Now he is their own forever dog. We all did the dance of joy up here when that happened! Even the big guy! Forever home’s they are just the best ever. Aunt Sue deserves a big boxer kiss for that one, I will tell Bud, he’s a great kisser.

Then Mama got a call from Aunt Nancy that a Mama boxer needed to come into Boxer Haven and have puppies. So of course Mama called Aunt Barb. Aunt Barb is  almost like a Mama boxer, really she is. So Aunt Barb talked to Uncle Lonnie. Mama call’s him Saint Lonnie. Any way Uncle Lonnie and Aunt Barb took the Mama boxer. Aunt Brenda, Aunt Barb and Mama went and got the Mama boxer and 3 days later just like my sister Britta she had puppies. My Aunts and Nicole all helped with the puppies. We watched of course, while 6 little angel boxer pups were born. Mama says they all have homes already! Right now Aunt Sandy from Boxer Haven is watching them.

During all this busy time my fundraiser at the Blue Cow was going on. It was very cool. All the Aunts and Uncles helped, Mama calls them the board. I just can’t get that the Aunts and Uncles are called a silly wooden board, geez. My fund raised $3600.00 to help animals in need!

Puppy class started too! I love puppy class it is so very exciting! All the puppies are doing so well. Lots of my Aunts help with that too… Barb, Carol, Glenda, Sue, Mama, and Uncle Lonnie too. Mama, Aunt Sue and Aunt Carol are picking up the valentine hearts for my fund to do more helping and we are having a spay and neuter clinic too! Next big thing for my fund will be the walk with your dog. Thats just the best day ever!

For all of the busy times I have been sitting quietly knowing that something big was going to happen to Mama. For months I watched and kept my heart right with her just waiting for the big guy to spring his plan. And then it happened! Mama is going to work at a animal hospital. I MEAN REALLY… HOW COOL IS THAT!!! I love being a doctor dog and now Mama will be a helper at a animal hospital. Mama I love you! When you go to your new work I will be there for every single day, right with you, my paw on your shoulder.

Hugs, Riley

January 5, 2013

2012 it was a busy year for me and for Mama and for all the people who helped my fund! We helped 359 animals, how wonderful. Me and the big guy we are so proud of all my earth people do. So many people helping and so many animals who need the help.

It’s winter now on my farm, we don’t like it then. It’s too cold and snowy to play outside so for fun up here I watch my brother and sisters driving Mama crazy. She say’s in winter it’s a short drive! Thankfully there are some second graders to visit this week!

Soon Mama will be so busy with the art auction and the walk. And my Aunt Sue and Aunt Barb are planning a casino trip to make money for my fund. They have the best ideas ever! Traveler wants to go on the bus to the casino cause he loves Aunt Sue. Mama says he better stay home.

Hugs, Riley