Mama, it has been such a fun week to watch all of my friends! I saw you all at Match Day and you raised $23,215.00 to help animals for my fund! MacKenzie and I are so proud to be such helpers!

It was so nice to see Rugby, Pixie, Ruger, Stella, Zubie and Annie working so hard to help my fun. Lots of kissing going on, it was way cool!

And today I saw you again with Annie, Zubie, Rugby, Ruger, Cinci and Pixie at the schools. I so miss the earth children. They are so dear. I do love my children up here though, such happy souls. Playing, laughing and running with all the dogs and kitties.

Mama you need to keep working with Journey. I think she has possibilities. I know she is goofy like any boxer pup but I can see the size of her heart from here. Mama it’s a big heart, she will grown up and learn to work like a Therapy Dog.

I love you Mama, hugs from Riley




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