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October 11, 2016

Oh Mama tonight is another puppy class for Journey. I so loved going to classes with you. We started with me as a puppy and on to behavior classes with Sam, Denise and Gwen. And then I was such a awesome Therapy Dog and I so loved AKC Rally Obedience.  Everything about being a team with you Mama I loved it.

 Tonight I will watch you, Glenda, Barb and Lonnie teach all the puppies and the dogs. I especially will watch my sister Journey. She is such a wild and happy girl. She tries so hard. She has a big heart. It will be a fun night!

I love to watch all the dog and puppies… Around and around, sits and down, treats and fun! I can hardly wait! Really it is the best ever. And from here I can see a far, far ways… Really, it’s awesome!

Hugs, Riley