Hi Mama,

You know I am so very busy here but I wanted to write you and let you know that we love having Britta here. She is just a joy to everyone she meets, the angels especially love her because she has such a kind heart.

Of course it was glorious when she crossed the bridge. Especially when she heard the angels sing to her. You know Mama she never minded being deaf but this hearing thing, she says it is way cool.

I thought you would want to know she already has a awesome job. I think in your heart you know exactly what job she has, she is the watcher and the keeper of all of the children here. Yep, I knew you would know. Of course she misses all of you but the children keep her so busy and happy. She is also in the lead of the parade when a child crosses the bridge. She gives them much comfort.

Mama I know it was so hard for you when Britta had to come to me, but you need to know she is my right hand helper and I am so thankful for all she does.

We watch you walk in the field Mama, every day, and we know you feel us with your heart. That gentle wind Mama, it’s us… me and Britty. Because you know Mama from here we can see a far, far ways.

Hugs, Riley

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