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August 18, 2014

To my Sissy,

I love you for always. I want you to know that when your boy crossed over we all helped him. I remember the summer that he came to stay at my house, he was just a pup. My dad babysat him. Tyler and Mac (the foster dogs) played like crazy with him all summer. Mac and Tyler were right at the head of the procession for Jake with Grandma Frozen Cookie… and of course with me.

I always lead the processions, it’s my job, has been ever since I came here. The big guy, he put me in charge of the helping. I suppose that is because I have been the helper all of my life. It’s a good job.

I hope you know that Jake is happy here, except for missing you. He and I we watch you and Mama all of the time. We always will because what we had was so special when we were on your earth. Heart Dogs, they come only once in your life and they love you with all that they have. It is a very special bond… one like no other.

Jake wants you to know it is wonderful here. There is no pain and it is always sunny and warm. There are bowls full of food and cool clear water. Jake looks so handsome, almost puppy like. He has a beautiful fur coat again and he is sleek and shiny. He has a very special heart box, just like me. His is lined with emerald green velvet. It has a piece of your heart in it, you know from when he left you and your heart broke. We all have a box like that mine is lined with purple velvet and of course has a piece of Mamas heart in it.

Jake wants you to know that he will always be with you. Just like I am with Mama, always and forever. I know it was hard to let him go. It is the hardest gift that you will ever give to Jake. It is a gift a real true love.

He loves Grandma Frozen Cookie. Jake says she has the best lap ever, well of course next to his own Mamas lap. She is so happy that she has Jake for a lap dog. “The Frozen One” she says it is her connection to you, and that is the most wonderful thing of all…for she too loves you a great deal.

Hugs to you my sissy, we will always be here when you need us, me and “Mostly” because from here we can see a far, far ways.