Hey Mama! It’s been so long since I’ve got out the old laptop. You know I watch you every single day and I feel all of your hugs and love to me even though we are so very busy. But today Mama, I just had to send you a quick note. Well Ruby and I did. You know how Ruby loves parades. Remember Mama, when she lived with us and you always said that since she left the puppy mill and had a home with pillows and all, you know, our home. Well, anyway you always said that to Ruby life was one big parade…

Well Mama we had the biggest parade ever today. Everyone here in heaven joined into the parade. Grandma Frozen Cookie, with Ruby on her left and me on her right led everyone to the rainbow bridge. I know you know all about it in your heart Mama but I had to tell you.

The parade was for Maggie Byrne. That is why the parade was so very huge. Because you know Mama that Maggie’s own Mama, Carol was my best friend on the whole earth. I loved her just as much as you and Dad. And today I saw my Carol and her heart was so broken when she took Maggie to see kind Dr. Duflo.

Maggie told us she did not want to leave her own Mama but she was ready to come to us. She hurt so much. In my heart I was so glad that Dr. Duflo and Dr. Esterle with Dr. Scott helped her so much. She was a very special girl. She was so lucky when my Carol adopted her from MidWest Boston Terrier Rescue… they were both lucky my Carol and her Maggie.

Mama you should have seen the procession. Really it was quite spectacular, like when I came here. Of course with me leading the parade it was really marvelous. You know how handsome I am. They came from all of the corners of heaven when the angels called and the trumpets sounded. For Maggie they came in all of their finery.

We saw her approach like they all do, in pain and so very tired. And then comes the magic, just like always. A paw touches the bridge and the magic well it happens in just an instant! It is wonderful Mama. Someday I will call them all for a parade just for you and I someday…

Oh Mama, Carol’s heart would not be so heavy if she saw her Maggie dancing now. She danced the dance of joy with my sister Ruby for a long, long time. I thought the dancing would never end. Ruby and Maggie dancing and dancing. I love you Mama.


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