Here we are again at the beginning of a new year! There is so much going on in my fund. Mama just went to a Mecosta County Community Foundation meeting and we have an endowment that now that will last forever to help animals in need! How cool is that.

This month we are spaying and neutering animals like crazy! All the veterinarians who live near my house are helping. We love the fixing!

Mama and all the people on my board of directors are getting ready for the $1.00 hearts to be sold near my house at businesses. Everyone gives a little and it sure helps. Mama is also very busy turning in all our year end financials to Jennifer at Baker Management. We love that Jen!

Today I saw Mama sending out posters and tickets for my “Hands Helping Paws” fundraiser on March 3rd. People donate so much cool stuff. And it sure helps. This year it is going to be at Cranker’s Brewery. Dad will like that. If I still lived with my Dad I’d probably go and have a beer with him. Today Traveler went shopping at Speedway and filled Mama’s car with gas for her. He and Dad go every Sunday. Today even Mac, the creepy little brother got to go. Car rides, they are just the best ever!

Guess I better go I have football playoffs to watch. It’s very important stuff you know. When I lived with Mama I did great head fakes when I played ball with my brothers and sisters.

Hugs, Riley

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