For me and for my fund it has been a unbelievable year. The helping is wonderful. Over 150 dogs and cats got spayed and neutered and over 200 total were helped just last year, and that does not even count the thousands of pet food my fund provided. It will be five years of helping this year.

Sometimes MacKenzie and I we just sit and watch all of the people working so hard to help others. It really is quite magic. The people on my board of directors, you know my friends, they are so kind and they work so hard… every single minute thinking of animals in need. Yep, it’s just magic that’s what it is.

And then there are the doctors and all of their staff who save the lives and fix us all up. Really, how can we ever tell them how grateful we are. A world full of love that is what it is, a world full of love. We are lucky Kenzie and I, so lucky to be a part of the helping.

Days come and go up here and many new ones come. Often Mama’s lets us know in advance when they are coming, like last week. Mama said so many are coming today, it’s a hard day, you will help them won’t you? Of course I whispered to Mama, the trumpets are already sounding and the bridge is ready… and Mama you know when they touch the bridge, you know Mama on that first step… the pain is gone and there is only love.

Then there are the ones who surprise my own Mama. For I see her, she worries about them, like Spike. She said I think Spike will be coming and he is a good boy, help him will you? Of course, I say for I am a good boy and I always help Mama. But Spike did not come, his Doctors and his Vet Techs were magic that day and when Mama arrived at work the first thing she heard was Spike yelling and his people saying Spike, “Quiet!” And Mama smiled because Spike lived, for his family he lived. Surprises they are the best really.

Another year has come and gone and I whisper to Mama, I love you forever. And Mama whispers it back, and a tear rolls down her face, and there he comes… Traveler, to kiss the tears away. Thank you Trav, from here I can see a far, far, ways and I will always be much obliged to you for loving my Mama.

Hugs, Riley

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