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December 18, 2013

Today, well… I met a new friend. Mama told me about him, he was the most special pitbull in my old earth world ever, his name is Butch Bowen. He is Ryan’s boy. And he loves Ryan with his whole heart, forever and always, just like me and Mama.

Mama met Butch when he got his family. First he got Michelle, that is when Mama met him. She and my Dad went to play with him after the wedding. Butch loved them and welcomed them into his house, people just don’t get pitbulls but my Mama and my Dad do. They knew Butch was a “good boy”. Not to long after he got Michelle he got two baby girls! The girls are called Ashlynn and Lauren. Butch, well finally he had a real family and he would have protected him with his own life, that’s what pitbulls do. Dad says they were called the Nanny Dogs many years ago.

Lately, Butch hurt a lot. I could see it from here, you know we see everything from here. Butch knew Ryan would miss him when he left and so would the rest of his family. But it was time for them to let him go. It’s hard, real hard, the letting go.

Me, well I’d like Butch’s family to know he fits right in here. He and I we are so close, buddies really. We run and play and have so much fun. When I first came here my writing changed. It is so different here on our side of the bridge, truly magic. My first writing after I came was on November 12, 2010. Butch and I, well… we hope the Bowen family has a chance to read that post. Butch and I well… we know nothing really heals the pain of a broken heart but it just might help the Bowen family to know what it is like here. Because from here, Butch and I, we can see a far, far, ways.

Hugs, Riley