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November 23, 2013

Mama and I we are just so very busy. It seems I never have time to write with all of the helping and such. Mama is very busy on my earth world at Riversbend. Mostly my Mama helps all the puppies and kittens oh and older dogs too with vaccinations. Sometimes animals are sick and Mama is the helper then too. My fund often helps when needed at all of the animal hospitals where I used to live. Soon my fund will be having another spay and neuter clinic, that is a good thing.

Mama’s new Scotty pup Mac is a real challenge, I watched Mama when he visited children in Mecosta yesterday with my Dad and my Sisters. Mac talked too much and Mama had to settle him down, he is just learning, it will be ok.

This week at Mama’s work Fedor a really great boxer had to cross the rainbow bridge. He was a good friend of Mama’s so she asked me to help him. Of course I did, we had one of our special processions for him. He is my friend now. He told me Mama storied which made me very happy. I suppose Mama and I will miss each other for all of time, that kind of love just never goes away.

Hugs, Riley