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October 6, 2013

Mama and I are so busy now we hardly ever have time to write. But we still think of each other all of the time. I suppose it will be that was for always. That’s how it is when you love someone.

Last night I watched Mama and all of her friends at the Riley MacKenzie Fund Fundraiser. I was so proud of them. So was MacKenzie. We never thought that a fund named after us would raise so much money to help so many animals.

I suppose that’s our connection, Mama’s and mine. In her earth world Mama is the helper. Up here and when I lived with Mama I was and still am the helper. Dogs, it is just what they do for their people. That’s what it’s all about the helping and the love.

Mama right, now I am sending you the best boxer wiggles ever.

Special hugs right from your very own boy,