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April 27, 2013

What a wonderful day! I got to see Mama and my Dad walking in the field with all my brothers and sisters. Those times really they are the best ever. I love my hay field.

Then my Aunt Barb and Uncle Lonnie get to give all six of Peyton’s boxer puppies to wonderful families today. I hope the puppies know how lucky they are that they were so loved and so cared for. Mama and Aunt Barb chose each family so very carefully so that all the puppies would have wonderful forever homes. And Peyton found a awesome home too! How cool is that!

Today my Grandma and my Uncle will come to my farm to visit. Those are the best days ever. And next week is RMF walk with your dog. Everyone will have so much fun and then they get to have hot dogs at the Sawmill, that Linda at the Sawmill, she is just so nice. I can hardly wait to see everyone!

Hugs, Riley