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January 5, 2013

2012 it was a busy year for me and for Mama and for all the people who helped my fund! We helped 359 animals, how wonderful. Me and the big guy we are so proud of all my earth people do. So many people helping and so many animals who need the help.

It’s winter now on my farm, we don’t like it then. It’s too cold and snowy to play outside so for fun up here I watch my brother and sisters driving Mama crazy. She say’s in winter it’s a short drive! Thankfully there are some second graders to visit this week!

Soon Mama will be so busy with the art auction and the walk. And my Aunt Sue and Aunt Barb are planning a casino trip to make money for my fund. They have the best ideas ever! Traveler wants to go on the bus to the casino cause he loves Aunt Sue. Mama says he better stay home.

Hugs, Riley