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December 11, 2012

Wow, what fun we are having watching all the cool stuff going on in my earth world! I mean really Santa and Sonya they make such a great team. They made tons of money for my fund taking photos of dogs. Oh and even a bunny and a show chicken got their photo taken, how cool is that. I love watching the dogs and kids with Santa.

Mama and Aunt Glenda and Aunt Barb helped too. One little dog peed on Santa cause he was scared but Santa is so awesome he just said, “No big deal not like it’s the first time that’s happened.” We laughed so loud up here across the bridge I thought Mama would hear us! Anyway, I am so thankful for all the animals that my fund can help becuase of all the helpers we have raising money.

Just yesterday we helped a little kitty who go shot by a gun. She only has three legs now but she has a very wonderful new forever home, so that is very nice! I guess there are still a lot of nice people in the earth world where I lived.

Speaking of my earth world I miss my own dear Mama and I know she misses me too. Christmas, for Mama it’s a hard time. I will let Traveler know and he will hug her and give her a big ol’ wet boxer kiss, I bet that will fix Mama right up.

Hugs, Riley