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November 21, 2012

For me and for my own Mama we are thankful for so many things.

Mostly for hugs and that our family and our friends are so special and that they love us. We are really thankful for all of the people who are so wonderful to help us with giving to our fund so that animals in need can be helped. We had so much fun at Mecosta County Community Foundation Match Day and we raised so much to help those in need. We really are so fortunate!

Tomorrow I will watch Mama on Thanksgiving walking with my Dad and my dog Brothers and Sisters in my field. I will be thankful most of all that I can see Mama walking, happy, and so very loved.

Hugs, Riley

November 6, 2012

It is hard to believe that it has been two years since I crossed the bridge. It is so exciting to look and see all of the animals my fund has helped. My fund is so busy now. We help with tons and tons of pet food for those who don’t have any. And all the spays and neuters we do is really unbelievable. I love the helping. I guess that is for sure what I was born to do be the helper and the healer.

Now we have match day coming! How cool is that. I am so excited about it. We will have lots of money becuase of the Mecosta County Community Foundation. They are helpers too.

This week my brothers and sisters get to go to Reed City to visit kids on Friday morning. That really is my favorite part of my fund, the children. I love kissing them. When Traveler goes Mama has to hold on tight cause he is a very passionate kisser! Lexy and Britta are more gentle.

Well I gotta go, lot to do up here.

Hugs, Riley