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October 28, 2012

Mama did not know what the day would bring when I saw her walking yesterday morning on our farm. But I knew, so I whispered in Britta’s ear, so she would be ready. Britta and I worked together long into the evening yesterday.

I love the walking and so do my brothers and sisters. Early in the morning I hear Mama talking to them, telling them it was the kind of week good for being together just like when Mama and I walked the hay field two year ago before I crossed the rainbow bridge.

The day wore on into early evening before the most important thing of the day would happen for us. Then it all began. Grandma had been with Mama’s Aunt Sue all day at the hospital and things started to be very hard for Aunt Sue. So Grandma called Uncle Steve and he called Mama. Aunt Sue was put on one of those noisy things they call a ventilator.

For Mama and for my sister Britta… well they just knew, they needed to travel to Aunt Sue for she loved dogs and horses with all of her heart for all of her life. Only a dog could best help Aunt Sue cross the rainbow bridge. Britta was ready for I had told her early in the morning she would be working that evening. The big guy he said, “Riley today is the day, we have a lot of work to do, someone very special to many people and animals will cross over today—a horsewoman like your own Grandma Lettie B. In fact she is someone special to Grandma, you remember her, your Mama’s Aunt Sue, you met her as a pup.”

And so it went. Britta stayed by Aunt Sue’s bedside with my Mama. Aunt Sue’s hand on Britta’s head—for a long time Britta held vigil and stayed so very still. The doctors and nurses, they came and went. Britta, Mama, Grandma, Aunt Sue’s daughter Brenda, and her husband Mama’s Uncle Burt. Quietly they waited.

Then I said to Britta, I got your back—you did the heavy lifting—your job is over, now you can rest. Britta lay down quietly and Mama knew that I was taking over. The doctor came in and he said, “She’s gone.” Mama knew, she just knew, because Britta could rest, her part was over.

It was then I saw her, my Mama’s own Aunt Sue. Slowly and painfully she came, they all do—barely able to walk. We were ready—waiting, just waiting for her. Grandma Frozen Cookie stood on my left waiting to greet her much loved daughter in law, Sue. And in Grandma’s hand she held beautiful smooth reins. She stood quietly with Sue’s heart horse, Nell. Nell was prancing and snorting for she could hardly wait to see her person. I know the feeling, for me and for Mama it’s just like that too.

Nell had the fanciest show saddle and bridle on that we had ever seen, the silver glistened like the sun. There were many of us–all waiting for the procession to begin. Nell had spent all day finding every Tennessee Walking Horse on our side of the bridge to make a path over the bridge. They stood silent side by side lining our bridge. Every color you could name, palomino, black, chestnut, sorrel and more. And Nell, Grandma Frozen Cookie, and I—waiting patiently, watching her, wanting to help with each painful step she took and knowing it was a journey she would have to make alone.

Then the magic began just like always. My own Mama’s Aunt Sue’s foot touched the bridge and they danced. Nell and Sue just the two of them in their own world, it was the dance of joy. Everything was breathtaking. Sue on Nell’s back and Nell dancing every step she took as if on air. All the horses and all the therapy dogs, all lined up for the procession. Hearts intertwined we walked, we danced, we smiled for Nell and for Sue.

Nell showed her own dear Mama, Sue, the heart box. You know we all have one. We keep all the pieces of the special ones heart in there. Nell’s box was lined with midnight blue velvet. When Sue opened Nell’s box she really was quite amazed for there in the corner was the tiny piece of her own heart that had broken the day her Nell died. There they were just the two of them, heart friends—like me and Mama. Nell nuzzled her own dear Mama and the small heart piece took wings and flew like a magnet right to Sue’s own broken heart and mended–they were one.

The celebration lasted well into the night for Sue and for Nell. I love the celebration. It is a celebration of joy and of love for us but we all know the sadness that is in our earth world.

The next morning dawned and I see them, tears in their eyes for they do not fully understand our side of the bridge. Some day they will know that joy, I promise. I see Uncle Burt, and Brenda and all of Aunt Sue’s family and her friends, I feel their tears and so does my Mama. She knows that pain, that loss that is nearly unbearable. Then I see Mama, walking down my path. I see Britta and all my brothers and sisters. I thank Britta again for what she did, for she did the heavy lifting and she helped Aunt Sue when she most needed her. Thank you Britty, Nell and I we got it from here. Because from here we can see a far, far ways.

Hugs, Riley

October 10, 2012

Today I watched Mama struggle with one of those really hard rescue decisions. Dr. Scott, Connie, Jimmy and Amanda all were there to help my own Mama but still it was so hard. Mama said buddy a white boxer is coming to play with you on your side of the bridge. She is Aunt Sue’s very special boxer girl and she is hardly more that a pup. Welcome her with a big play bow will you buddy.

Of course Mama knows I will take care of the little angel Zoey, that’s what we do here. For Mama and for Sue and all of my friends at Boxer Haven Rescue it is a very hard day. I love you Mama and Aunt Sue for all of time.

Hugs, Riley

October 3, 2012

Today my fund helped a whole mess of baby kittens and a mama! The mama had babies that need homes and then a bunch of orphaned kittens needed a mama. So our mama cat adopted them and is their foster mom! They are only three weeks old and really needed a mama. How cool is that. I think my friend up here helped that situation!

My own Mama said the kittens are very cute. Probably she won’t let my Dad see them cause then they will come to my house and we have seven kitties and six dogs now at my house. Mama says we are full up. I bet my Mama will make room for some of them though if they need a house.

I think it’s time for my nap after my snack so I better go.

Hugs, Riley

October 1, 2012

This weekend my heart is so very close to Mama’s. I watch  her walk with Lexy and Traveler down my path and I am there. Close to Mama’s heart, just the two of us walking and talking. Mama feels me… I just know. This was our special place, our field, our farm.

And this time of year brings all the busy things I loved to help Mama do. I see all my friends are so very busy working hard to make sure everything is just right for the RMF anniversary party this year. Mama says that my fund has spent $20,000.00 this year helping animals in need! Really who would have ever thought so many people would help so much so RMF can help so many animals. Mama says good thing we are having a fundraiser cause we are down to $1600.00 and the bills keep coming. So many need  help.

Today my heart is just for Mama. I love you Mama.

Hugs, Riley