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August 20, 2012

I can hardly wait for next week! Puppy and Dog class starts! How fun! I love school, it was my best time ever when I lived with Mama. Soon the puppies will go around and around walking very nicely, they will sit and lay down. Mama will say “good dog”.

Aunt Barb, Aunt Carol, Aunt Sue and Aunt Glenda will help, and sometimes Uncle Lonnie and my Dad help too. School it’s just the best ever.

Hugs, Riley

August 8, 2012

Mama and Carol went to the Mecosta County Community Foundation meeting today and guess what? The Foundation is having another “Match Day”!!! How cool is that!!! I am so very excited for my fund. Wooo Hooo!!!

This is the third year that MCCF has held Match Day. Last year and the year before we raised huge, huge money to help all the animals. It was so cool, they have a big event at the hospital and all our Therapy Dogs get to come. It is very cool! Everyone loves the dogs!

From now until November 13th we get fifty cents match on every dollar we raise. So we are going to be so very busy raising money to help animals!

Hugs Riley

August 5, 2012

A bunch of my friends went to Mecosta yesterday, Mecosta is kinda by my house but not really. They went to the Air Dog Show! The dogs got to swim and fetch it was very cool. My Aunt Barb, Aunt Carol, Aunt Sue, Aunt Glenda and Uncle Lonnie set up a awesome booth for by Fund! They sold cookies and Tshirts and collars and stuff and raised money for my fund. My Aunt Roxanne helped them too, she baked really good dog cookies. I love home made dog cookies!

Anyway they had a fun time even if it was so very hot. Mama and my Dad could not go becuase Busha is sick and in the hospital. Busha is my Dad’s Mama. She was always very nice to me. If I still worked at the hospital I would go to see her. I would not lick her becuase she’d rather not be licked– but that is ok. Some people like┬ákissing and some don’t.

I thought it was very nice of all my friends to help my fund. I have good friends.

Hugs, Riley