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July 20, 2012

All my friends went to the Big Rapids Library this week and kids read to them, how fun is that? Mama and my brother and sis could not go because Mama had eye surgery. I am so happy for Mama, she can see a far ways now, almost like me! Dr. Crew is a kind man and he fixed Mama’s eye, he will fix her other eye next week on Tuesday. He took something called cataracts out of Mama’s eye; I’m not sure what that is. But Mama says Dr. Crew made a miracle for her. He must be kind of like the big guy who lives up here with me. The big guy he does miracles too.

I am glad Mama got one. Tomorrow night Dad’s band will play in Reed City. I love those guys! And of course Sherry too! Aunt Sue and Aunt Barb will go with the husbands, they will all have lots of fun.

Today my fund helped a baby lab pup and tomorrow we have a little tiny kitten to help. It is so nice that we are able to help, we have lots of people who give to my fund so we can be the helpers. Soon dog class starts and that helps us to make money too!

Hugs, Riley

July 11, 2012

Tomorrow my brothers and sisters are taking Mama and my Dad to Rose Lake Youth Camp! How fun is that. They get to go two times this year. Lexy likes to look at the lake but Traveler and Britta like visiting the campers best.

We have been helping lots of dogs and cats. And Mama is getting so many calls about kitties who do not have homes where we live. How sad is that for kitties.

My fund is getting lots of requests for pet food too, we are so busy helping! It is nice so many people help us so we can be helpers of those less fortunate.

Hugs, Riley

July 1, 2012

We got to be the helpers yesterday, that was way cool. Nancy called and there was a nice girl dog with a collar right into her neck and icky maggots were on her neck too! Nice Dr. Webber came in on his day off and fixed her up. She is doing really well and she is a nice girl, very kind hearted, that’s what Doc said.  Mama and I are so happy that Nancy and her friend found the girl dog and helped her, that Nancy she is a nice lady!

Then today Mama and Dad had so much fun! They went to Sue and Bob’s house to see the mini donkeys! Of course we have them here where I live too, they are funny to watch and really funny to listen to! Mama and my dad were so surprised they were so well behaved and so docile. They are so lucky to live with Bob and Sue. They were cute all colors, even spotted.

Mama and Dad sat on the porch today with my brothers and sisters, I miss sitting on my porch sometimes. I know Mama misses me to. Sometimes I just have to send her hugs and boxers kisses right through the clouds.

Hugs, Riley