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June 27, 2012

What a great day. I can see Mama walking in the hay field with my Dad and all my brothers and sisters. And guess what Mama says all the dogs from my fund are going to Rose Lake Youth Camp tomorrow to vist. How cool is that! I love that camp. It will be Travelers first time visiting at Rose Lake, I hope he is not a silly goof! Of course Britta and Lexy will be perfect they always are.

Hugs,  Riley

June 23, 2012

Wow! There sure is a lot of helping going on with my fund! Of course we have helped tons of dogs and kitties this summer with fixing and going to the doctor. But the big helping is with food for them right now. It seems like they are always hungry. So my Dad took 10 more bags of pet food to the   Manna Pantry. They are such nice people there.

The next big fun thing we get to do is the Big Rapids 4th of July Parade, woo hoo! Tons of fun. My Uncle Lonnie will pull the float with his big red fire truck, Uncle Kent will being a really cool car, I love it. My Aunt Barb will be naughty again and bring squirt guns, the crowd loves it. Aunt Sue is the helper and the decorator. Mama and my Dad will ride with one of my brothers and sisters.

I love parades. The last time I was in the parade is on my fund’s facebook page. I think I looked so handsome!

Hugs, Riley

June 9, 2012

This morning my sister Libby stood at the bridge waiting for what seemed hours. She look like a white angel, a real true angel. My sister MacKenzie and I flanked her, me on the right and Kenzie on the left.

We all heard Mama and my Dad talking. Our earth sister Hannah was frail and in pain, she was 13 years old. Libby heard Mama call Doctor Don. He said, I will see you soon. I love my Doctor, he’s a good man. Always the helper… like me.

Doc pulled in the driveway and we were so excited to call for the procession. Of course Grandma Frozen Cookie would help Libby to lead the procession for she loved collies best all of her life. Farm dogs.

She came slowly at first then when she touched the bridge the magic began just like always. Our sister was home–Libby’s puppy, the joy in our hearts was overwhelming. For my Dad and Lexy and Mama and all my brothers and sisters the day is hard and I love them… they know that.

Hugs, Riley

June 5, 2012

What a very awesome day at my house! So fun to see Mama and my Dad walking in the field with all my brothers and sisters. And of course its the best time ever, hay time. I watched my Dad yesterday in the field cutting the hay. Tomorrow Mama will be the raker and Dad will be the baler.

I remember when my Jaja cut the hay with them. They loved him lots, hay time was his favorite time ever!

Today Mama’s friend Jim is having his heart looked at. His nice wife Carolyn is very worried about him. I hope she knows that while he is sleeping I am the helper and the healer and that I am watching him.

My Aunt Sue and my Aunt Barb are doing very well after their surgeries too! Just like Mama they are being good girls! Very unusual for them to be good girls– they try but you know.

I guess I better go, I see Dad coming on the tractor and I need to ride shotgun.

Hugs, Riley