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May 30, 2012

Big stuff at my house! Well I mean at my best friend ever Carols house! Guess what she got a new Boston Terrier girl and her name is Maggie!!! She is very cute and very sweet. Sadie says its ok she can be my sister. Maggie is a lucky girl to have Carol and Sadie.

I watch them you know, becuase I can see a far ways from here. Maggie and Sadie are about the same size. Well, cept that Maggie needs to loose a few, but don’t say I said that. She will do ok under Carols care and with all that love and snuggling!

One of the things I think I miss most from here is my friend Carol, good thing I can see her.

Today I watched my own Mama in the field with all the dogs. Dad goes walking too now, I mean really that’s kind of a miracle…. Dad up in the morning and walking, how cool is that. Better go, busy day.

Hugs, Riley

May 22, 2012

For me and for my sister Ruby it was a day of joy. You see my Boston Terrier sister Ruby was born and raised in a puppy mill. She was there for eight terrible years. Then she came to live with us at my house. It was the most wonderful five years ever for Ruby and my family.

When dogs are raised in a puppy mill like Ruby or come from an abusive situation like Jessie they love their families more than I can even tell you. It is a deep love and gratitude that comes from their heart. Whether the time with their family is long or short it is like a dream come true. Such was the case for our dear friend Jessie Jane.

Last year Mama and Carol made a long trip to the southern part of Michigan with Sadie. Sadie was Jessie’s sister for all of her life. Carol wanted to adopt Jessie to be her own forever dog. So off Mama and Carol went on a road trip.

Jessie was 3 years old she had been abused all of her life. When Carol and Sadie met Jessie it was just the best day ever. Jessie was a Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue foster dog. That very day Carol adopted her for her own dog.

For the whole year they had the most wonderful life. Just the three of them, a family forever—this spring Jessie got sick. She had leukemia. Carol and Sadie took care of her and did the best they could. Dr. Scott helped her too.

Last night Jessie came to live with us across the rainbow bridge. Ruby helped her cross, I helped too. There is always someone to be the helper, we make sure of that up here. Crossing can be confusing. But for Jessie she was brave, she had endured so much in her earth life before Carol loved her she knew nothing could be worse. So bravely she came to us.

We danced the Boston Stomp as soon as Jessie arrived; it was a dance of joy. When I looked down on my earth I could see the river of tears for so many people loved Jessie. I hope they know that she is safe and loved now, for I will watch over her for all of time.  

And my friend Jessie Jane, she will look with me and she will watch because from here we can see a far, far ways… 

Hugs, Riley

May 21, 2012

I love to watch Mama and my brothers and sisters walking in the hay field. Morning on my farm is just the best ever. Today I saw Mama and my Dad went too. I mean really, how cool is that.

My fund bought 3 palates of dog and cat food to last the summer for all the hungry animals. It just seems like there are more and more every day.

Then we helped 2 dogs and 2 kitties. I love the helping. Mama put some Therapy Dog Photos on facebook too! And guess what this weekend the dogs helped Hailey with raising money for her hospital bills. Smooches from Pooches! I think that was the best fun ever. Britta went because she is gentle and my sister Zoe went because she is the licker.

Hugs, Riley

May 18, 2012

Last night my sister Britta and my brother Rusty got to go read with kids at the library in Big Rapids. It was so cool. The kids were very gentle and such good readers.

Puppy and Dog Classes are very busy with tons of good dogs! This year Glenda, Lonnie, my Dad, Sue, Carol and Barb are helping with Mama. The classes are big so it’s really good to have all the helpers! Therapy dog class is really fun too. We have 12 dogs and Mama says they all will pass and get certified!

Tomorrow night my fund is doing a kissing booth to raise money for Hailey, she is just little and she has cancer. Mama is taking Zoe because her nick name is “the licker”. It think you get the picture. My Dad will probably take Lexy or Britta. I will miss my own Mama on that day because I give the best kisses ever.

Hugs, Riley

May 8, 2012

Wow! what a fun weekend. I love the Riley MacKenzie Fund walk with your dog 5K fun walk. I watched all the dogs and people, nearly 100 of them. And how cool is it that my fund raised over $2800.00 for animals in need!

There were all shapes and colors of dogs and I could tell that they were very loved. All my friends were there being  helpers too. And then Linda at the Sawmill treated everyone to hot dogs! Mama and my Dad sat with Kathy and Ed, you know Stella and Ruger’s Mom and Dad. Stella and Ruger got hot dogs too– that nice Linda.

It is always fun when my friends get together. Then the nice lady from the Pioneer Newspaper put tons of cute photos in the paper. What a great day!

Hugs, Riley