Mama is almost recovered from being in the hospital. Everyone at my house will be so sad next week when she goes back to her work. Especially Britta and the Bostons, they lap with Mama every single day.

Next week dog class and Therapy Dog Class start, what a fun week and then our very own fund walk with your dog starts too! That is always so fun. That nice lady Linda at the Sawmill makes hot dogs for everyone! We hope lots of dogs come.

So far we have a lot of dogs in class, the first week is a riot, I love to watch them, so exciting. My Dad is taking Traveler to class. That will be good for him. He is pestering our kitty right now, he better behave or Dad will get after him.

Today all the dogs and my Mom and Dad and her friends are going to Brookside Elementary. The kids raised nearly $500.00 for my fund, what awesome kids! Mr. Buckingham helped them, he is the principal, he is a good man, he has 3 dogs and a nice wife too! I can hardly wait to watch all the kids today.

Hugs, Riley

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