At my house this week it is very nice, wonderful really. Well it’s wonderful this week. Last week Mama went to the hospital and had surgery. All her friends and my family helped my Dad. Tanker and I were there watching her sleep just like we said we would, Kenzie too was there of course. When she woke up we left because we knew she would be ok, our job was done.

Now my brothers and sisters get all the fun lap time for a whole month with Mama. I can see them from up here snuggled on Mama’s lap, those are the best times ever. Dad is the helper for now. Traveler is trying to be very good and so are Rusty and Zoe. The good dogs are Hannah, Lexy, Kegan and Britta. There are times when Russ, Zoe and Trav get good dog status but sometimes they are just wild!

Mama will look through my fund mail this week and start the cat fixing. That’s what we like fix them all up. This weekend there was a really nice story in the paper about our friend Ken at the shelter and all the dogs he has giving to Mama to help, that Ken he is a good man.

This week my very own heart is broken for my Doc Don. I was the helper this week when his little Brother and his very own Mama crossed the rainbow bridge. For my own Doctor who I love will my whole heart I stood tall and so very proud when his Brother and his Mama crossed over. We all did, for everyone knows how very special my Doctor and his family are.

I have spent the day with them under the cool tall tree telling them stories of how much my Doctor does for everyone. They say they are so very proud of my Doctor just like I am. For me Doc’s Mama coming here was very, very special becuase she hugs me just like my own Mama does. I hope my Doc Don know’s I will watch over his family from up here. And for always I will watch over my Doctor becuase from here I can see a far, far, ways.

Hugs, Riley

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