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April 24, 2012

Mama is almost recovered from being in the hospital. Everyone at my house will be so sad next week when she goes back to her work. Especially Britta and the Bostons, they lap with Mama every single day.

Next week dog class and Therapy Dog Class start, what a fun week and then our very own fund walk with your dog starts too! That is always so fun. That nice lady Linda at the Sawmill makes hot dogs for everyone! We hope lots of dogs come.

So far we have a lot of dogs in class, the first week is a riot, I love to watch them, so exciting. My Dad is taking Traveler to class. That will be good for him. He is pestering our kitty right now, he better behave or Dad will get after him.

Today all the dogs and my Mom and Dad and her friends are going to Brookside Elementary. The kids raised nearly $500.00 for my fund, what awesome kids! Mr. Buckingham helped them, he is the principal, he is a good man, he has 3 dogs and a nice wife too! I can hardly wait to watch all the kids today.

Hugs, Riley

April 8, 2012

For me and for MacKenzie, Ruby, Libby, Teague, Maggie and Duffy it was a very special time. For Mama and for Stacey it was once again like their hearts were broken right into tiny pieces.

I knew when I saw the tears in my Stacey’s eyes it was time for us to sound the trumpets and make ready for yet another reunion of joy for us and sadness at my earth home.

For all of Mac’s life his mother had done all she could for him. I remember when he came to our house, just a pup, only nine months old, a wee small Scot. And he loved my Mama as she loved him. It was that summer we babysat the grand dog Jake and had a boxer pup foster name Tyler. Those pups they were all about the same age and they were like the three Musketeers.

It was a wonderful summer for us all. Then Mama met Stacey and she traveled all the way from Washington State with John and Teague and Maggie. Mac was a good boy and he was adopted on the spot, then he had his own real forever family. For us and for Mac it was a magic time. Mama says they go where they are meant to and her Mac sure did. All of his life he had so many sick times but his own dear Mama worked at one of the best clinics ever, so Mac was cared for like no other dog ever.

He lived and played with his Scot sister and brother and then as they crossed over he got a new sister Kenzie. My heart is sad for her today as she will be so lonesome, just like her Mom and Dad.

But now it is time for us to greet my friend. Everyone is here and the bridge is lined with all of the magnificent horses that live here. Mac’s own horse brother asked them all to come, they are quite specular.

For me my own Grandma Frozen Cookie will lead the procession, she stands next to me. We are right behind Teague and Maggie. As we see our friend come he dances and he twirls in real Scottie style. Teague and Maggie are so thrilled to see their brother and best of all he still has that wonderful smell of their own Mama, Stacey if only briefly.

Yes for us it is a very special time, for Mac is home. And my heart it is with my own dear Mama and my Stacey because from here I can see the many tears from… a far, far ways .

Hugs, Riley

April 2, 2012

At my house this week it is very nice, wonderful really. Well it’s wonderful this week. Last week Mama went to the hospital and had surgery. All her friends and my family helped my Dad. Tanker and I were there watching her sleep just like we said we would, Kenzie too was there of course. When she woke up we left because we knew she would be ok, our job was done.

Now my brothers and sisters get all the fun lap time for a whole month with Mama. I can see them from up here snuggled on Mama’s lap, those are the best times ever. Dad is the helper for now. Traveler is trying to be very good and so are Rusty and Zoe. The good dogs are Hannah, Lexy, Kegan and Britta. There are times when Russ, Zoe and Trav get good dog status but sometimes they are just wild!

Mama will look through my fund mail this week and start the cat fixing. That’s what we like fix them all up. This weekend there was a really nice story in the paper about our friend Ken at the shelter and all the dogs he has giving to Mama to help, that Ken he is a good man.

This week my very own heart is broken for my Doc Don. I was the helper this week when his little Brother and his very own Mama crossed the rainbow bridge. For my own Doctor who I love will my whole heart I stood tall and so very proud when his Brother and his Mama crossed over. We all did, for everyone knows how very special my Doctor and his family are.

I have spent the day with them under the cool tall tree telling them stories of how much my Doctor does for everyone. They say they are so very proud of my Doctor just like I am. For me Doc’s Mama coming here was very, very special becuase she hugs me just like my own Mama does. I hope my Doc Don know’s I will watch over his family from up here. And for always I will watch over my Doctor becuase from here I can see a far, far, ways.

Hugs, Riley