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March 26, 2012

My own dear Mama will be in the hospital tomorrow. I will be the helper and the healer while she is sleeping. Tanker will be the  helper and the healer too becuase thats our job–it’s what we do.

Grandma will watch all my brothers and my sisters, and the kitties and horses too,  my human sissy will help too. I love when Grandma is at my house. Dad will stay with Mama and when she wakes up he will be right there. My Mary will be there too. So very many people love Mama, not quite as much as I do but lots still.

Tanker and I will be very busy tomorrow because we have to watch over sissy’s Emmy Lou too, she is having knee surgery at my Doctors. My Doc and my Cathy they will fix Emmy and Cathy will hug her for Mama. I love those guys.

I can see that Mama is nervous but she will be so happy to see Tanker and I while she sleeps. Hardly I can wait to help Mama tomorrow.

Hugs, Riley

March 22, 2012

Really tonight was just the most wonder ever– and I got to watch from a far ways. It was kids read to dogs at the library! Nicki, Sadie, Bud, Probie, Sugar, Lexy and Traveler were all there, I mean how fun is that! Gently I was watching cause I love children more than anything ever.

I looked to my left and my big sister Libby was there watching too. Usually Libby is busy doing stuff with MacKenzie but she heard the children and then she saw THE BABY! Lib loves babies more than anthing in the whole big world so she just could not help but watch.

That tiny baby girl she was so sweet she smiled and let each dog sniff her in the toes. I think boxers love babies best of all. There were boys, and girls reading it really was just the best time ever. Even my little brother Traveler was a good boy. He did go wild when he saw his Aunt Sue but he can’t help it cause she is his best person ever cept for my Mama and my Dad.

Watching from a far ways– wonderful, really true wonderful.

Hugs, Riley

March 19, 2012

Mama has a really busy week this week, today she took my little sister Zoe to see my Doctor, I love that guy. My Doctor and my girls, they are one of the things I miss so much! Zoe did her best at the doctor–Mama says she is a wild hair.

Then my other sister Britta gets to go to the dog opthomoligist, that doctor is a good man too. He is always so nice. Britty gets to go with Carol and Jessie and Sadie, I mean really how fun is that!

Then Mama has dog school tomorrow night and next week all the dogs and puppies graduate–Woo Hoo!

Tonight the horse shoer is coming and Wednesday night is the first week ever for Kids Read to Dogs at the Big Rapids Library. I love to hear kids read, Lexy gets to be the listener this time. Next month maybe Traveler will get to go.

The horse doctor comes this week and all the guys from Dad’s band and our friend Sherry. Then on Sunday Mama and Dad will go to Grandma’s for Dad’s birthday.

Mama took Traveler out to where my earth body is burried today, you know just cause she misses me. Traveler was a goof and he made my own Mama smile–I am happy he came to my house. Some days I just miss my Mama and my farm really bad.

Hugs Riley

March 18, 2012

Last week was one of the most fun weeks ever for my fund! Because of the school visits! I love children more than anything ever. Last week Mama and Traveler went to the charter school and visited with the 3rd graders.  Daisy, Maggie and Pixie went too. Trav was a good boy but he does have a hard time being gentle with bigger kids. Mama will help him learn. I know you have to be gentle with all children.

So I watched them from a far ways just like always. And just when I thought it could not get any better my sister Lexy got to go to Brookside school! She visited young fives and kindergarten. How cool is that! Gabe, Stella, Maggie, Kegan, Probie, Zeva, Pete and even little Elsa the pup went with her to visit. One of the kids said Stella the Rottweiler was a junk yard dog. I laughed like crazy! Sometimes the children call Kegan a tramp—you know like the scottie in Lady and the Tramp movie.  And Lexy she has the prettiest eyes, one blue and one brown—sometimes kids think her eyes are cool and sometimes they think her eyes are creepy. Children are so funny. I love to kiss them.

Michael is planning a mud run for my fund to raise money. How fun is that! Lexy likes mud better than any of my brothers and sisters, she will probably want to go. It is in the summer on June 16. I will watch of course, I have never seen a mud run but I bet they will have lots of fun!

Hugs, Riley

March 11, 2012

Wow! It has been such a busy week. Monday we had our “Hands Helping Paws” fundraiser at the Blue Cow Café. So many people gave such wonderful donations. We had tons of cool dog, cat, and people stuff. Lots of people came and spent tons of money! I mean tons! When I think of all of the biscuits a dog could purchase….. it’s like a dream come true, really it is.

So my fund raised $4788.00! How cool is that. Mama says we should probably help with more fixing of kitties. Kitties never get enough help where I live, it is very sad.

Then Mama studied real hard. All the dogs helped her a lot. Dogs are good helping with couch studying. So after the studying Dad took Mama to Grand Rapids and she passed the creepy insurance test. I don’t know why it’s creepy but Mama says it is. I am just glad she passed cause Dad said she was whining all the time. Dad went to the guitar store, he had fun there.  Then they went to dinner to celebrate no more creepy stuff and no more whining.

Uncle Lonnie called Mama yesterday. He says maybe they will have a silent auction at his firehouse like they do for my fund. If they do Mama says our family will give something to help the firemans. Tanker liked that, he loves all the firemans up here.

Next Grandma and Uncle came to my house. I love it when they come, Grandma brings cookies and Uncle knows exactly how to pet dogs. They came to visit cause Mama has to go in the hospital the end of the month, she is real worried about everything so Grandma came to learn to feed dogs. Really Mama does not need to worry because I am right here watching over her, and so is the big guy. I will sit very close to Mama at the hospital when she is sleepy and then when it is time for her to wake up I will come back up here. Just this very special time for Mama I can do that, the big guy said so.

Today I see my own Mama back in the hay field walking with all of my brothers and sisters. I love the hayfield walks best in the whole world. Mama said it was like a miracle cause my Dad went in the hay field and walked too. I better go I have clouds to chase and biscuits to eat.

Hugs, Riley

March 2, 2012

Wow! Mama and all of her friends are so busy with the helping! That means lots of animals get fixed and no extra pups or kits! Got to love that.

Mama has been taking pictures of all the cool stuff that will be for auction at the Blue Cow on Monday. I bet a blue cow is really pretty. But back to the auction—did you know there are over 70 things for sale? And cool things too. Mama will want to buy some of this for at my earth house I bet.

Then Mama got all the nice people to sponsor our walk with your dog in May too! How cool is that! Last year there was 150 dogs and people this year I bet even more. We love dog walking on our clouds up here. Mama will be happy when the snow is gone and she can field walk I bet.

Lots of visiting at schools too for my fund, Yesterday Traveler got to visit about 100 kids, he was a good boy, Mama said so. I think she was surprised but I was not, he is growing up. Today Kegan and Lexy go to talk about kids reading to dogs. I love kids to read with.

Hugs, Riley