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February 23, 2012

Holy Smokes! Guess what I got to watch this week? Puppy and Dog school – I love it more than anything in the whole world.

There were all colors and sized of pups and dogs. Everyone did very well. Mama and Aunt Sue and Aunt Barb and Aunt Glenda and Aunt Carol and even Uncle Lonnie helped! It was very awesome. They had fun and the all did so very well.

Mama got a phone call from one of the puppies Mom’s today, it was a real sad phone call for Mama. I knew she was going to get the call because we had just welcomed Bandit across the rainbow bridge. His Mama felt so very bad, she took him for a walk and he slipped his collar, he saw kids and he was so excited! Then the bad car came, his Mama rushed him to the hospital but it was too late he had already crossed.

I hope his Mama knows we will take care of him and be his friend up here. That’s a very hard thing for Mamas.

Hugs, Riley

February 20, 2012

Trent and Mr. Ken called Mama from the shelter on Thursday. They have a white boxer there they wanted Mama to help with and he gots a TAIL! I mean a really wild tail!!! He is real sick and has demodex mange like little Carly did. Doc Don and Cathy looked at him and since Doc Don is going to Florida Doc Gordy and Pam will help him. I think that it is very nice Doc Gordy will help because he will be right next to my best girl Millie’s house!

My Trish is going to take him for a walk every night until Saturday when Mama and Sue take him to Cara to be her foster dog. He will get a great home just like little Carly did. Carly gots a real name now that he is in his forever home–hiis big name is Louie, how cool is that!

Mama said Traveler and Rusty got big britches on and they went a couple rounds, so now everyone at my house lives in boot camp again. I remember when I was naughty, I was Trav’s age, I had to do boot camp too and then everyone at my house was ok. Mama says no more naughty britches at our house! Everyone is very nice now.

Hugs, Riley

February 15, 2012

Dear Mama,

I love you for all of time, with my whole heart.

Hugs, Riley

February 12, 2012

It was a big week for my fund we are fixing animals like crazy this month! Mama thinks we will spay and neuter at least 100 animals, I mean really how cool is that!

All the people I love best were at my house this week, they are the board people of my fund. They had a great time, they laughed and joked and they worked real hard on the proposal for the animal shelter.

Then Mama put all the stuff they said together and it was like a 50 page book! Dad helped too. Now tomorrow Mama will take it to the commissioners. They will look it over and decide who gets to run the animal shelter.

Mama and I we know that the best choice will be my fund. But Mama says whoever they pick we will just keep up the helping just like always. Because you know me, I have been the helper and the healer for all of my life.

Therapy Dogs that’s what they do– me and Tanker that’s who we are for all of time.

Hugs, Riley

February 5, 2012

Today everyone at my house got to go for walks in the hay field, yesterday too. How awesome is that. I love the hay field walks best of anything, even biscuits.

Tonight is Super Bowl Football night at my house. That is just the funnest night ever. You get to have snacks and Dad has beers. Dogs have biscuits and sit in the living room and cuddle with Mama’s. It really is the best night ever. It is Traveler’s first Super Bowl, he will be a good boy even to his cat sister Trio I bet.

Soon my fund will know all about the Animal Shelter in Mecosta County. Mama says things happen for a reason, so if it is not meant to be we won’t get to have my people run the shelter. That is how it is with rescue dogs too, they go where they are supposto and that is really the best way ever.

Life with Mama some days I still miss that even though from here I can see a far, far ways.

Hugs, Riley

February 1, 2012

My fund had an awesome day! I mean really! We had a meeting in Big Rapids at the Pioneer Newspaper, you know Elsa’s Dad, Jack let us have the meeting at his paper. Elsa even came in at the end and she is beautiful. I could get to love that pretty girl!

Almost 50 people in my county who love animals came to the meeting and they were all so kind and so caring. They had awesome ideas for the animal shelter. My own Mama was there and all the people from my fund. Office Trent and Sherriff Todd came too and that nice man Art, he is a commissioner. I don’t know what a commissioner does but Mama says they do a lot of stuff, long as they like cats and dogs I’m ok with them.

Today is a big day for my county. The bids for our new animal shelter are due. Mama will talk about the bid from my fund and other people will talk about their bids too. Paws are all crossed up here across the rainbow bridge that a good and kind person or group gets that bid!

Hugs, Riley