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December 25, 2011


Happy Christmas Morning! I just love this day! I thought I’d get up real early and before my Mama can even get the sleep out of here eyes I’d tell everyone who has helped all the animals by donating to my fund and volunteering a zillion, million, trillion, billion, gazillion, THANK YOUS!!!!!

Hugs, Riley

December 21, 2011

For me and for Mama it’s that magic time, it always is at my house—it’s Christmas! This is my second Christmas across the bridge; I wonder how my friend will come see me and the others this week?

Oh boy, I hear the swishing of a skirt. That means the proud, spiritual, black lady with the kind heart is God today. She shows up like that when it’s my Dads day, you know my Dad is kind of open minded. For Mama God comes and she calls him the big guy, I’ve always thought Mama see’s him like that because when she was little her Dad crossed the bridge to be with us up here, her Dad’s name is Don, he has the kindest heart ever—he came here a long time ago at Christmas.

I suppose that is why across the bridge is such a awesome place, everyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter what church you go to or what religion you belong to—Christian, Hindu, Eckankar, Jewish—everyone is welcome here. Cool huh!

I guess that’s why Christmas is so special to me and to Mama cause everyone is welcome—that’s the magic part. And there is peace, sometimes just for that day, but there is peace. My earth house is like that too. Everyone is welcome and everyone is treated with respect and kindness. At my house on Christmas there is always a full bowl of food for all the dogs and cats; and a full manger of hay for the horses. No one goes hungry at my house, it’s very nice.

As I look down at my house I think about the dogs like Traveler—you know the shelter dogs who find forever homes. He is so lucky! He was so happy to see my own Mama when she came and adopted him from the shelter. But today my own Mama she is thinking about the ones who have no home. I see the tears right into my own Mama’s heart for those dogs and kitties. The ones who have no hug at Christmas, my own Mama she just can’t help but think of them.

Some of them will get homes this year and some will come across the bridge. If they cross we will be very kind to them, you know we always are. But I just wanted to tell you all if you see a shelter dog or cat this year could you please give them a hug for me and for my own Mama—it always makes us smile when kindness is given to someone in a shelter.  Thank you from my whole heart.

Hugs, Riley

December 16, 2011

Today was just really truly the best day ever! Cause it was a kid day! I love kids more than anything. Mama and Traveler, Dad and Kegan, Aunt Barb and LT, Uncle Lonnie and Probie, Aunt Sue and Roo and Bud, Aunt Carol and Jessie, and my friend Kathy and Ruger, and my other friend Ed and Stella all went to St Peters School and visited every single kid. There was over 100 hundred of them—boys and girls! There was tons of licking and hugging—cool huh!

You should have seen it! Everyone was wiggling and smiling it was really so very wonderful. I loved visiting more than anything in the whole world and now I get to watch all my people and animals from my fund, it’s kind of like a big screen TV.

Today Mama and her friends gave the kids bookmarks from the Mecosta County Foundation. You know the ones—they have a picture of Tanker on one side and me on the other. Us guys we are a great team! Now we help kids when they cross over. We see them come and we both run to see who gets the first face licking! It makes the kids happy, very happy. It’s the best job ever.

Lexy got to visit big kids from the Foundation this week too, so did Kegan. They had lots of fun! Lexy is such a good girl and that new pup Mama has–well, he tries, really he does. Some day that Traveler will be just like me but for now he is just a big goof. Mama says he gets presents for Christmas even though sometimes he is naughty and not nice—like I said he tries.

My fund it really is just the best ever. Like Mama says, it takes a village. Tons and tons of people and animals help with my fund! I mean really, how cool is that? It’s like the best Christmas gift ever!

Hugs, Riley

December 8, 2011

I really don’t think that things could get any more exciting for my Fund! Mama picked up our Match Day Check from the Mecosta County Community Foundation yesterday! Woo Hooo, we will be spaying and neutering lots of dogs and kitties! We have tons of them waiting already to get fixed already, I love that fixing.

Then today my fund got a letter from the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association and we won the MVMA Community Service Award! I mean really– how cool is that! When I was a young man MVMA picked me as Therapy Dog of the Year! I don’t know if my Mama was ever prouder in her whole life.

For Mama and for me it has been a hard year, you know because I live across the rainbow bridge and such. But still for us our hearts are close and that helps. I think today that I can almost touch my Mama. It is a good day!

Hugs, Riley

December 6, 2011

For me and for Santana it is a happy day but for my Mama and my own Dad not so much. Our brother Grayee, one awesome barn cat, crossed the rainbow bridge today. He came softly on little cat feet like a fog coming over the bridge.

 My Doctor said his heart was just not working right anymore so he helped him come to us. Really he is the best Doctor ever in the whole world. I do miss wiggling at him, Mama and I—we had lots of good times at my Doctor’s office with my Doctor and my Cathy. And Grayee, his heart is just fine now, that’s how it is here.

I suppose that Traveler will wiggle like a little goof off and try to make my Dad feel better, all my brothers and sisters will. That is what I always did, sometimes though it just doesn’t work, I think Trav will understand. Just the being there will help, that is the lesson all Therapy Dogs learn—just the being there, it helps.

Hugs, Riley

December 1, 2011

Woo Hoo! Mama just put on our facebook page that my fund raised $14158.12! I mean really how cool is that! We can help so many animals with that much money. We are so lucky to have so many people donate who love us and all of the animals so much. And how about that Mecosta County Community Foundation! Mama says, “They Rock!”

We will be able to spay and neuter lots of animals this winter with all that money. My fund just loves fixing animals!

Today I watched all my dog friends go to St. Marys to visit the kids! Really I don’t know who has more fund kids of dogs. My brothers Kegan and Traveler went and Kegan was such a gentleman as usual, of course my bro Trav was a big goof. That’s ok though he’s only a puppy, they kids like him goofy as he is!

Hugs, Riley