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November 27, 2011

Wow, how cool are the parades all my dog friends have been in. The Big Rapids Parade was so pretty with all the lights and the Reed City Parade was tons of fun too. My own Doctor and my Cathy were at the parade and Kaitlin and Austin too!

Traveler was in the parade with his friend Bud and all his cousins and his bro Kegan. He had lots of fun. I love parade cause they have kids!

Today my sis Lexy is going to play with my best girl Millie, that will be so fun for Lexy. Bently and I will watch them play–  you know like goofy girls play. They will have a good time I bet.

This week Mama and Traveler will visit the kids at St. Mary’s how fun is that. Of course I will watch them!

Hugs, Riley

November 22, 2011

Today my friend crossed the bridge, one of my best friends ever and Mama’s too. For his earth family– my heart is with them, I love them all dearly and they loved  me in my earth life. And today their hearts are broken, very broken.

Bentley Bunce came to us quietly and in much pain. He was such a good boy in his earth life. His sister Millie is my best girl and she will miss him muchly along with his own Mama, Trish; his Dad, Todd; and his human brothers, Kristopher and Kevin; and of course his human sis, Kelsey.

I knew he would be coming, for my own Mama talked to me about it just a week or so ago. She knew I would once again be the helper for her friend and for my best girls brother Bentley.

He came to us slowly, as his paw touched the bridge he saw her and there was more peace for him than he had ever had. The pain was gone and once again he was whole. That’s how it is for each of us. It was his own Grandma Laverne who had lived next door to him and loved him every day of his life since he was a tiny puppy. Usually my Mama’s Grandma Frozen Cookie helps me but for Bentley I knew that she would step back and his own Grandma Laverne would stand with me, her  hand on my shoulder–waiting for her special boy to come home.

He jumped for joy when  he saw her–his very own Grandma Laverne. She had crossed the bridge this summer and he so missed her. For him it was magic, really true magic. The magic of love that lasts for all of time. They had much to talk about Bentley and  his Grandma. Of course she had been watching her Bunces every single day, loving them and watching them. And she knew how very sad that their hearts were, you know the missing her and all.

I gave Bentley a special box like mine. His box is lined with emerald green velvet. He will fill it will love.  In his box are small pieces of their hearts—his family. For all of time he will treasure them. For they loved him and cared for him from the time he was little. We all have boxes, each lined with a color that we love, each full of heart pieces from our special people.

Really and true I wish they could see us– our Mamas for they would be happy and their hearts would be ok. All of the sadness– it would pass for our Mamas if they saw us for each day– we run and we play in the field filled with daisys and when we are tired we are called in for our naps. We run to them and they touch us gently my Grandma Frozen Cookie and Bentley’s Grandma Laverne. And our world– it is full of peace.

Hugs, Riley

November 15, 2011

It was a very sad day on my farm. So very hard for Mama and my Dad… but for my Dad much harder. Because my Dad, he loves his kitties best. Oh, my Dad he loves us all but to him kitties are so very special. Today I watched them and my heart, well my heart it traveled a far, far ways to be with my Mama and my Dad especially.

I saw him early this morning in the barn and I knew my Dad would find him when he went to feed the horses. It was the big guy,
Santana, leader of all the cats on my farm. Santana, he is old now, just over 11 and he has lived a good life. He is a good boy that is what my Dad tells him as he leans down slowly to see what has happened to him. All of his life my Santana he has helped my Dad to feed the horses. Shiny and black he springs up onto the round bale to help with the feeding.

The big guy now is small and frail; his black shirt is wrinkled and tattered for he has been too sick to take care of himself. It has
been days now he has wandered so sick and finally he finds his father and he knows everything will be ok. He can no longer spring up on the bale so gently my Mama and my Dad they wrap him in a blanket and he goes to Doc Don. If anyone can fix my cat it will by the doctor that I have loved for my whole life, he will do it, if it can be done

I watch and I see my doctor, he tries, he is kind and gentle to my cat friend Santana. Then he calls my Mama and my Dad. He says I am so sorry, his kidneys, they just don’t work anymore. Mama and Dad they understand, it is time for their cat child to cross the rainbow bridge and I, well, I will be the helper. I will watch and my cat brother he will greet us all and he will be happy and whole, shiny and sleek once again.

I see him coming; he is just a shadow of his former self. I urge him on, I say, soon my friend all will be perfect and good. Just like
always we run to the bridge to escort him. Grandma Frozen Cookie she will help me for she loved kitties just like my Dad did, she loved everyone. She stands next to me with all of the cats who have come before my friend Santana and we watch, slowly he comes.

His frail black paw touches the bridge and the magic begins. Of course he is surprised just like we all are. It is really quite splendid, rather overwhelming at first I suppose. He jumps in the air and when he lands it is atop of the tallest hay bale he has ever seen. He looks to me and I say, my cat friend look down and you will see your farm and your Dad because from here my friend you can see a far, far ways.

Once again shiny and sleek Santana looks down at our farm. Just then my Dad’s tractor comes over the hill and Santana says, thank you Dad for helping me. And my Dad through tear filled eyes I know he hears his cat child. My Dad he is a good man. I was very proud to be the chosen one would escort my father’s cat child to this magic place. For my Dad, I would do anything. And our hearts… tonight they will be with my Dad when he feeds his horses and he feels the loss of his helper who for 11 years sat atop of the hay bale.

Hugs, Riley

November 11, 2011

So guess what happened today? My sister Britta got to go play with my girlfriend Millie! I love those girls! It is hard to believe that
my sis Britta has lived with Mama and my Dad for a whole year. Mama calls Britta her Britta blanket cause she is always on Mama’s lap. Dad calls her pretty Britty. She is very pretty.

Britta helps Mama a lot she got to go to lots of stores today with Mama. And tomorrow is the big Ferris Football game that my fund is sponsoring. I hope lots of dogs get to go to the game! Traveler and Kegan will go. My sis Lexy wants to go but she is still getting well so maybe next time she can go.

We hardly have any of our cool cookbooks left. They have lots of good recipes in them, but tomorrow they will be at the game I am sure of it! Then we have two parades in a row next week! Wow lots of fun things for my fund.

Hugs, Riley

November 5, 2011

I can hardly believe that Tuesday, November 8th will be a year since my Doctor Don and my Cathy helped me to cross the rainbow
bridge. It was so very hard to leave Mama and I think harder still for her. My own Mama she knew how much I hurt and how sick I was so she let me go, it was a big gift, the last one I would receive from my Mama.

It was confusing when I first crossed the bridge. Nancy and Mary they say it is always that way for us. I don’t know what I would have done without MacKenzie and Tanker and all of my other family and friends who had come before me to help me cross over.

The hardest part for me was knowing how sad my Mama was and how she missed me so. MacKenzie said that was the hardest part for her too and for Tanker with his Mama. I hardly could stand not seeing Mama and so Kenzie and Tanker they showed me the miracle place. That is the place where the clouds part like curtains and you can see through the window down to your earth people. When the curtains parted I could see my farm and my own Mama. Really it was magic.

For my Mama the road she traveled this year was long and hard. It was good she had my fund and all the helping to keep her busy. There were times I know she felt she was alone and it was a dark and nearly unbearable road but I was there watching my Mama every single minute and so was Kenzie. Kenzie said for Mama it was like that when she crossed too and there would be a day when Mama got better. But it seemed for me the day would never come and then the big guy he created a boy just for my own Mama.

He said the boy would look just exactly like me. He said then Mama would take a chance on a boy, you know if he looked like me handsome and all. He would be a silly white boxer boy with a fawn eye patch on his left eye. In many ways he would be just like me. He would look at my own Mama like she was his whole world, and he would love her. I was so thankful that the day
would come and my Mama would once again play in the field with a boy of her own. I said to the big guy could we change just one think about Mama’s new boy please. Of course he said, “Riley my son what would you change?” I asked that this new boy cuddle my Mama because although I loved my own Mama with all my heart I was certainly not cuddly. The big guy, he can do anything so when the pup was born he was a cuddler.

I thought then, life will be perfect for the boy and for my Mama and it would only take three short months for Mama traveling down the road of sadness. But for Mama and I time came and went and with the passing of time the trail of tears seemed to never end for my Mama.

Winter came and slipped quietly into spring for my Mama the dark days lingered, then finally came summer. For the boy who would save my own dear Mama it was horrific. Weeks passed with no one to love him, no one to cuddle, he was sick and so very sad. No one to teach him to be a good dog, no one to care, he traveled the road of loneliness in a parallel with my Mama. For me it was so hard, why did the big guy not fix things for them? What was his plan? Why was the journey so long for them?

Then things began to happen, the animal control officer caught the pup, he was nearly nine months old when she took him to the shelter. He was dirty and sick and oh so lonely. I told him, hang on, Mama is on her way. You will be the boy who will save her and she, she will save you. You will not die here alone in a shelter. And the boy with no name, he believed me and for the first time in his life there was hope.

I think my Mama’s own family and all of her friends had started to worry so much about my Mama and the sad, sad path she traveled. My Dad he worried about Mama all the time and so did Sissy. Finally the shelter called my Aunt Barb and my Aunt Sue. That was when I knew it would all be ok. Finally, my Mama’s trail of tears would end and the boy he would help her. Aunt Barb and Aunt Sue they can do anything, it really is quite something. I will never know why the big guy waited so very long to let Aunt Barb and Aunt Sue help them but he did, sometimes he’s like that and it is very hard to be patient. Finally in late summer my Aunt Sue took my own Mama to meet the boy. And the boy he said to my own Mama, I am with you, I will be your boy and I will love you for all of time. And my own Mama said yes you will be my boy and I will name you Traveler, for we have traveled a long, hard road to find each other.

I watch them now, they went to school and Trav became a Therapy Dog. He visits children now just like I did. He is very kind and gentle and he has very nice manners. He even got to go to the Mecosta County Community Foundation Match Day at the Holiday Inn to raise money for my fund and he was on television just like me. I see him snuggle up to Mama and even though I so
wish it was me I smile and I am happy. My own Mama she calls him good boy. You know I have a lot to do up here. But I still watch over Mama every day and I am still the helper and the healer. Me and Tanker that’s just our job and we do it well, we will for always.

Today the boy I sent to Mama protected her fiercely. I was so proud of him and so was Mama, he is still just a pup you know. Mama took him on a walk in the hay field. I watched it happen… the silly pup. It is fall and the grasses are dying in my field just like they do every year. I saw it just before Trav did. He bristled and he barked a warning, loud and deep, for he will defend his Mama with his own life just like I did when I was on the earth world. He stood very tall and then Mama saw it too. She was so proud of baby Trav. It was a very, very large rock, lying in wait to kill them. But my Mama she was safe and loved and Traveler he took care of her and together they walked over and checked things out, just like Mama and I did when I was a pup

And I smiled, because I have watched them for a time now. I don’t have to worry anymore because Trav… well he has my Mama’s back. He will love her and take care of her now and I will continue to watch them because from here I can see a far, far ways.

Hugs, Riley