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October 25, 2011

Wow Mama has been so very busy lately. She and all the people on my board raised $3000.00 at the party and some dog and cat food too! All that money gets to go to Match Day to help animals. This Saturday we have a pet food drive at public safety. Then on November 3 we have Match Day. Then on November 12 we have our FSU Football game. November 19 a parade in Big Rapids and November 26 a parade in Reed City. Aunt Barb says, “What did we all do before RMF?” Speaking of Aunt Barb she was the head cooker at my party, it smelled so good, really just like heaven.

Then guess what, my little brother Traveler got to graduate Mike’s dog class last night in Grand Rapids. And he got to help a dog
who was crabby to other dogs, he is a good boy! Maybe this week he will get to go visit kids in Morley! I love kids.

Hugs, Riley


October 15, 2011

Today my sister Zoe got sick and Mama had to take her to the doctor, she hurt her back. Mama and all her friends always say a animal is “vetted” after the doc has given them a clean bill of health and all their shots and such. Doc was teasing Mama and said that “vetted” is not in the dictionary. So my own Mama sent him a note so he would know what vetted means. Mama said he looked in the wrong book, “vetted” is in the book of hearts of everyone who loves their animal.

Vetted – To be taken care of and loved by a special doctor who has given their life (their whole life 24/7). To be fixed when you
are broken. To know that someone will always be there just for you to ease your pain and sometimes as hard as it is to end your suffering and help you cross the bridge through tear filled eyes. It is a tail wagging good feeling—that is
what vetted is.

Hugs, Riley


October 13, 2011

Mama has been so busy with Sissy’s wedding that she has not hardly had any time to help me on my writing! Thank goodness Sissy and Michael are married!!! Aunt Barb, Uncle Lonnie, Aunt Sue, Uncle Ken, Brenda and Steve, Nicole and Jason, Therese and Bob are glad they are married too! They cooked all the food it smelled so good even from up here I could nose it!

So I saw Mama and my Dad today, wow they were so very busy. They did my most favorite thing ever—visited kids! RMF Therapy Dogs did awesome job at Evart Elementary School! We don’t know who had more fun kids or dogs! Special thanks to Therapy Dogs: Daisy Mekaru, Pete and Jake Halstead, Nicki Streeter, Stella Straley, Jessie Byrne, Kegan and Britta Szot and their Moms
and Dads! They were all awesome. I hope Traveler passes his test to be a Therapy Dog on Sunday and then he can go too! Lexy will let him help her I bet.

Then Mama and Dad hopped in the truck and took two palates of pet food to the Manna Pantry! Lots of hungry dogs and cats where I lived. When they got home Traveler had a cat lesson, my cat Trio says he is not doing so well but Mama seems very proud of him. I think he finally gets, “Leave it!” is not his name and it means get away from my cat.

Tonight Traveler has to go to his dog school in Grand Rapids with teacher Mike, I love that guy. I will watch and see if he does as
good as me.

Hugs, Riley