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September 24, 2011

Mama and her friends have been so very busy this week. They are fixing dogs and kitties like crazy and they had a emergency too! Lots of food needed too.

Mama says we need to pray for LT, he is a baby Boston Terrror! He is sick and the belly and pukes up but Doc Don fixed him up on
Thursday. Aunt Barb and Uncle Lonnie are real worried about him, he is so very little.

My new brother Traveler is almost well. It took a month but he is getting better every day, except with my kitty Trio. I wish I was
there I would tell him, BE NICE TO MY KITTY! He tries but he is just a goofy pup.

He went to the Acupuncture Doc today and his back is almost well, Mama and Aunt Sue took him. I thought Doc was going to fix Aunt Sue with her broke foot and all but he just laughed at her when she said she needed fixing.

Hugs, Riley

September 15, 2011

Wow we have lots of stuff going on at my house with my fund. First of all we have tons of hungry animals, my Mom and Dad took lot of food for them to the Manna Pantry.

Next we have my anniversary fundraiser on October 22nd! We will have so much fun, Dad’s band will play and we have lots of cool stuff to buy and everyone will have fun.

Then on October 29th Frank West our really nice policeman is having a Trick or Treat for Pets Food Drive at Public Safety! How cool is that, the horse office will be there and maybe a dog officer too!

The all of October we have the Mecosta County Community Foundation is having Match Day and that will be way cool. Every single dollar we raise the Foundation gives us fifty cents! Last year we spay/neutered 78 dogs and cats with our money. This year we want to raise enough to spay/neuter over 100!!! We need lots of help so tell your friends.

Hugs, Riley