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August 4, 2011

It has been so busy for my fund lately! We have had lots and lots of dogs and cats who need food. So last week Mama and Mary and Britta and Shayley went and took food to the Manna Pantry. They are so nice there. Summer is a time when lots of people and animals run low on food.

Then we had lots of dogs and kitties who needed fixing! And we had some more emergencies, something called bladder stones too. That sounds like something bad to me. It just seems like lots of animals need us.

Then my sister Lexy and her friends Shayley and Stella went and visited at the womens shelter. They got to pet with a child. I love
kids! I can give the best kisses ever. Stella washed the little boys leg! That Stella, what a tounge.

Last night Mama told Aunt Barb about a dog at Harbor Humane who needed to come to Boxer Haven. Aunt Barb is so silly, Mama sent her for one dog and she came home with two! I suppose that is why Uncle Lonnieloves her so much, her heart is too big

My Aunt Sue stopped over for petting last night at my house, she is so fun! Wish I would have been there. Zoe was so naughty, she can’t help herself.

Our cookbook to raise money for my fund will be done the end of the month. There are some fun recipes in there for people and for dogs and even cats!

Our next fun thing is at P&J Plantiques. That Jeffery and Patrick are so nice to us. I bet that we will raise lots of money to help
animals! And there will even be kittens there to adopt, if you want one or two or three or more! Riversbend Animal Hospital will bring them over and they will have all of their vet stuff done. So we hope you can come.

Hugs, Riley