For me and for my own Mama it has been really a great summer! My fund helped over 25 animals in need this summer! Is that like the coolest thing ever, I mean really! And we have bought hundreds of pounds of food too. Everyone is so very hungry.

We had a great fundraiser down at P&J and our special cookbook we are selling just came to my house!

Tonight dog school starts again and Thursday Therapy dog school starts. I love to watch the puppies, they are my most very favorite ever.

Speaking of puppies… my own Mama kept the shelter puppy! I am so very happy for her because her heart is getting well now. You know he looks just like I did when I was a pup, how handsome. Mama is still worried about the kitty but he is learning that chasing kitties in not acceptable behavior.

I watched my own Mama with that shelter boy. You know the big guy and I we made it happen for her. The sadness for my Mama had gone on for too long. All of my brothers and sisters tried to fix her but they just could not do it. It was such a big job that only me and the big guy could handle it.

So we sent her to the shelter pup. She did not want to go for she was so afraid of the sadness but we sent her anyway. The shelter pup—he looks at my own Mama like she is his whole world. I know that look because for me my own Mama was my world and I was hers. We will always have that connection you know because true love it lasts for all of time.

So Mama named her shelter pup Traveler. I hear her tell her people about him and how I helped her find him. Then she says I named him Traveler because he and I—well we had to travel a far, far ways to find each other.

For me and for my own Mama really truly it has been the best summer ever. I love you Mama.

Hugs, Riley

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  1. sue Says:

    Dear Riley,
    It was such a wonderful that you and the “Big Guy” did. I know how hard it was watching your own mamma be sad. But you have the best mamma in the whole world and she is very LUCKY to have you watching over her. Keep up the good work!!!

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