For my own Mama it has been very hard time. Of course, I watched her from a far, far ways. It all started Friday. There were so many things wonderful happening with my fundraiser and all and then she saw him. A young pup at Harbor Humane Society… and you know for Mama I knew the tears would come because he looked just like me.

Sure enough, those tears they came and for Lexy it was a grown up time, she was just about to have her birthday when she saw the sadness in my own Mama and she kissed her tears away just like I used to do. I am glad
my silly little sister was there.

Aunt Barb and Aunt Sue are responsible for it all you know. I mean the life-saving of the pup. Mama says she does not know what she would do without them, for they have saved so many lives. Really it is a miracle, a real true miracle. How do you thank someone for saving the life of another? Aunt Barb found him and Aunt Sue said he can come to my house if he is a good boy.

So Mama went for the picking up of the boy with my eyes. When she saw him she melted right into a small puddle for he looked right into her soul like only MacKenzie and I could do. He got a bath and he sat right by my own Mama and Aunt Sue all the way home, truly he was a good boy.

At my house he got to run and to play with everyone. Good boys always get to do that at my house. I thought maybe my Mama could keep him and then she would not be so sad for the missing me but he said he could not help himself and he had to get the kitty. I knew then Mama would have to find him a new forever home,  you know because
of the kitty, but Aunt Sue will love him until he finds his own home.

Days when the missing gets so very bad are very hard for my own Mama. I bet tomorrow will be better.

Hugs, Riley

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  1. Barb Graham Says:

    Riley I love you so much, your mama too. Sometimes she is so stubborn, worried about things a little too much. OK, I can hear Tanker snickering in the background becasue he’s laughing at me saying that, I’m so much like your mama.

    Well Aunt Sue and I had to do a doggie intevention with your mama to have her see the forest for the trees. But now she is better, with Travler (a shadow of your memory every time she see him, she remembers you) it’s like having you almost there. I mean she missed you so that she just couldn’t see straight. But you sent, Travler to her, GOOD BOY!!! She now understnads she hasn’t repalced you , because that wil NEVER happen, but she can enjoy another dog and bond closely and its OK, not a bad thing but a good thing. We got/see/understand all the messages and clues you sent us. Funny we humans can be so close minded sometimes, wish we all coudl just live in the moment liek you dogs do.

    I’m so pleased to have met Travler last weekend. I knew immediatly Riley that you were near by, snuggling and comforting your mama. I could see you in Travler’s eyes and feel the relief in your mama.

    Aunt Brenda came and met all your Brothers and sisters too. They loved her! Zoe especially, wow she sure can kiss. I miss my Riley and Tanker kisses, you boys sure could snuggle and cuddle and kiss the girls.

    Britta laid on me and told me all kinds of cool stuff with her loving eyes. Lexy told me you we’re going to help keep Trio safe and help teach Travler to be a good boy around all the cats, and that if he needed to chase something chase Lexy.

    I’ll help keep an eye on Traveler and your family for you if you will play in the grassy meadows and sunny beaches with my Tanker!

    Love ya, Aunt Barb

    PS, Mama and I went to see Aunt Sue tonigth, she can use some Therpay Dog from Heaven work, can you and Tanker get right on that? She doesn’t feel to well and the doctor won’t let us bring any Therapy dogs in-bummer.

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