What a great day for my own Mama! She started out with a walk in the field of course. Lexy and Britta got to see the new kittens for the very first time. That silly Lexy, she gets so fixated on kittens, that’s what Mama says. I say she is just plain stupid, I mean really she can’t even walk when she sees them, she trips all over herself! Mams says should NOT ever say stupid, just say fixated.

Anyway it was a fun day. The Boston’s and Kegan saw the kittens next. They thought they were way cool. The kittens while they are not so sure of the dogs.

Next I saw Mama and Aunt Barb go for a car ride, I love car rides! They picked up my sissy, then Aunt Sue and her Mom. They went a big shopping trip. They laughed and had lots of fun. Mostly they talk about how smart boxers are and Therapy Dog Stuff. They got some fun stuff for my fundraiser too! Aunt Sue bought sissy a present. It did not look too exciting
to me but it was a special purse. Sissy was so excited I thought she might wet herself!

When Mama got home the day was not quite so fun, my kitty, Sonny Bono is real sick. Mama and Dad and Doc have been trying to make him better from his concussion he got last week but it looks like maybe he needs to cross the bridge and I will take care of him for Mama up her. We will just see what Doc says tomorrow, Doc knows everything.

Hugs, Riley

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