Today I watched over Mama and Libby’s Mary. They drove all the way clear to the middle of Ohio for Lenny to pick up a car for Premier Auto. Of course I watched out for them the whole way, those silly girls they get to talking and sometimes forget to pay attention.

Then on the way back I have to watch because they don’t have each other to talk to! Mama drove the fancy car home, it was white like me. Mama’s friend Nancy always told  her that I would always be there, you know doing the watching and stuff.

Today I thought I would give Mama a big surprise. You see, when I lived with Mama I had to go to the dog eye doc a lot! I could see
Mama driving by Williamsburg where Doc Ramsey had his office. Mama and I, we loved those rides.

Just after Mama passed the exit I said to the big guy up here. Big Guy, I know you are so very busy but could be please make a cloud that looks just like me so Mama knows I am still the watcher. Of course the big guy thought that would be great fun!

Just as Mama looked up, poof, there I was. A big, white, fluffy, boxer cloud, special just for my own Mama. I think really it was just
the best day ever for Mama!

Hugs, Riley

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