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August 30, 2011

For me and for my own Mama it has been really a great summer! My fund helped over 25 animals in need this summer! Is that like the coolest thing ever, I mean really! And we have bought hundreds of pounds of food too. Everyone is so very hungry.

We had a great fundraiser down at P&J and our special cookbook we are selling just came to my house!

Tonight dog school starts again and Thursday Therapy dog school starts. I love to watch the puppies, they are my most very favorite ever.

Speaking of puppies… my own Mama kept the shelter puppy! I am so very happy for her because her heart is getting well now. You know he looks just like I did when I was a pup, how handsome. Mama is still worried about the kitty but he is learning that chasing kitties in not acceptable behavior.

I watched my own Mama with that shelter boy. You know the big guy and I we made it happen for her. The sadness for my Mama had gone on for too long. All of my brothers and sisters tried to fix her but they just could not do it. It was such a big job that only me and the big guy could handle it.

So we sent her to the shelter pup. She did not want to go for she was so afraid of the sadness but we sent her anyway. The shelter pup—he looks at my own Mama like she is his whole world. I know that look because for me my own Mama was my world and I was hers. We will always have that connection you know because true love it lasts for all of time.

So Mama named her shelter pup Traveler. I hear her tell her people about him and how I helped her find him. Then she says I named him Traveler because he and I—well we had to travel a far, far ways to find each other.

For me and for my own Mama really truly it has been the best summer ever. I love you Mama.

Hugs, Riley

August 22, 2011

For my own Mama it has been very hard time. Of course, I watched her from a far, far ways. It all started Friday. There were so many things wonderful happening with my fundraiser and all and then she saw him. A young pup at Harbor Humane Society… and you know for Mama I knew the tears would come because he looked just like me.

Sure enough, those tears they came and for Lexy it was a grown up time, she was just about to have her birthday when she saw the sadness in my own Mama and she kissed her tears away just like I used to do. I am glad
my silly little sister was there.

Aunt Barb and Aunt Sue are responsible for it all you know. I mean the life-saving of the pup. Mama says she does not know what she would do without them, for they have saved so many lives. Really it is a miracle, a real true miracle. How do you thank someone for saving the life of another? Aunt Barb found him and Aunt Sue said he can come to my house if he is a good boy.

So Mama went for the picking up of the boy with my eyes. When she saw him she melted right into a small puddle for he looked right into her soul like only MacKenzie and I could do. He got a bath and he sat right by my own Mama and Aunt Sue all the way home, truly he was a good boy.

At my house he got to run and to play with everyone. Good boys always get to do that at my house. I thought maybe my Mama could keep him and then she would not be so sad for the missing me but he said he could not help himself and he had to get the kitty. I knew then Mama would have to find him a new forever home,  you know because
of the kitty, but Aunt Sue will love him until he finds his own home.

Days when the missing gets so very bad are very hard for my own Mama. I bet tomorrow will be better.

Hugs, Riley

August 20, 2011

So much happened today in my earth world I just don’t even know where to start. First thing this morning I heard Mama tell my little sister Lexy Happy Birthday! Wow, baby Lexy is 3 years old. I am so thankful to my Aunt Barb and Uncle Lonnie that they saved Lexy so my own Mama still has someone to love her special like boxers do.

Then Mama got in her car (I love car rides!) and went to our big fundraiser at P&J Plantiques! Jeffery and Patrick they are so cool!
I mean really they helped us raise a couple thousand dollars and they collected to much pet food for hungry cats and dogs. Those guys they worked so hard. My Dad was there with his friends playing music.

Aunt Barb, Uncle Lonnie, Grandma, Uncle Steve, Aunt Sue, Aunt Carol, Sissy, Michael and a whole host of Bunces helped along with tons of people who support my fund! What a awesome place my Mama gets to live in.

Dr. Scott and his son Jimmy came over too! They brought some really great kittens! They were sister and brother to the cats at my farm. I hope more kittens get homes. Anyone who would like a kitten and will take good care of one can adopt one, except Aunt Barb—Uncle Lonnie says “no cats”, he is probably hoping that Aunt Barb brings home a few more boxers, they are so much cooler than cats. I think he is happiest when she brings home Mama dogs who have puppies like when Lexy was little.

Really it was just an awesome day, now we can spend all our money to help lots of animals!

Hugs, Riley

August 18, 2011

Guess What !?! Big News for my Fund!!! November 12, 2011 Ferris State University Football Dawgs team up with the Riley MacKenzie Fund to help dogs and cats! I am so excited that my people in my fund get to be a part of the last home Bulldog Football game of the season in Big Rapids. All well-mannered dogs on leash are invited to bring their people to this special event! I mean really, how cool is that!!!

Of course the FSU Bulldogs will win the football game. Coach Pierce brought his whole family to my earth house when I was a young boy! He has the best boys ever and his wife is very pretty of course. I showed him how I did head fakes like his football guys do. They thought I was way cool! I bet Lexy will get to go meet Coach Pierce.

This is so very exciting for my fund! High fives all around on my side of the bridge!

Hugs, Riley

August 15, 2011

We were there when my cat brother Sonny crossed this afternoon, Tanker and I—we led the procession. I promised Mama I would, for my Dad and for Sonny. Sonny’s little cat mind never got quite right after he got hurt but he loved them, my Dad and my Mama right til the end when the earth angels my Doc Don and my Kathy sent him to me.

All the many cats who had come before him were there,Tanker and I the honorary dog cats. We did not mind, we were proud to help him, he was my brother.

He would want his own Dad and his own Mama to know that his mind is perfect now and that he is happy and oh so very safe and the love, really there is nothing like it. My side of the bridge… peace that’s what they call it, yes, that’s what they call it.

Hugs, Riley

August 15, 2011

What a great day for my own Mama! She started out with a walk in the field of course. Lexy and Britta got to see the new kittens for the very first time. That silly Lexy, she gets so fixated on kittens, that’s what Mama says. I say she is just plain stupid, I mean really she can’t even walk when she sees them, she trips all over herself! Mams says should NOT ever say stupid, just say fixated.

Anyway it was a fun day. The Boston’s and Kegan saw the kittens next. They thought they were way cool. The kittens while they are not so sure of the dogs.

Next I saw Mama and Aunt Barb go for a car ride, I love car rides! They picked up my sissy, then Aunt Sue and her Mom. They went a big shopping trip. They laughed and had lots of fun. Mostly they talk about how smart boxers are and Therapy Dog Stuff. They got some fun stuff for my fundraiser too! Aunt Sue bought sissy a present. It did not look too exciting
to me but it was a special purse. Sissy was so excited I thought she might wet herself!

When Mama got home the day was not quite so fun, my kitty, Sonny Bono is real sick. Mama and Dad and Doc have been trying to make him better from his concussion he got last week but it looks like maybe he needs to cross the bridge and I will take care of him for Mama up her. We will just see what Doc says tomorrow, Doc knows everything.

Hugs, Riley

August 13, 2011

Today I watched over Mama and Libby’s Mary. They drove all the way clear to the middle of Ohio for Lenny to pick up a car for Premier Auto. Of course I watched out for them the whole way, those silly girls they get to talking and sometimes forget to pay attention.

Then on the way back I have to watch because they don’t have each other to talk to! Mama drove the fancy car home, it was white like me. Mama’s friend Nancy always told  her that I would always be there, you know doing the watching and stuff.

Today I thought I would give Mama a big surprise. You see, when I lived with Mama I had to go to the dog eye doc a lot! I could see
Mama driving by Williamsburg where Doc Ramsey had his office. Mama and I, we loved those rides.

Just after Mama passed the exit I said to the big guy up here. Big Guy, I know you are so very busy but could be please make a cloud that looks just like me so Mama knows I am still the watcher. Of course the big guy thought that would be great fun!

Just as Mama looked up, poof, there I was. A big, white, fluffy, boxer cloud, special just for my own Mama. I think really it was just
the best day ever for Mama!

Hugs, Riley

August 10, 2011

It has been so busy up here across the bridge. Today my friend Abby Goodrich crossed over. She is a spunky little girl, schnauzers
always are you know. She looks just like an angel with her white fur. I know her Mom and Dad are missing her a lot but they know now Abby has me to play with and she feels like a pup again!

I always tell you all how I can see a far ways. Well Abby had the best job ever. She worked at Goodrich Optical. Do you know what an Optical is? It is a place that helps people see! Abby’s Mom and Dad fixed everyone up so they could see better and Abby got to work every day.

She loved working and being a special helper. That will be her job up here too. She sees them come. She is always right in the front of the line with me. I think she sees them come because of what her earth job was, you know the Optical and all. Some of us hear them, some feel them, but not Abby she is a seer.

She helps the old ones the most. Often they have lost their power to see so that Abby, she is there, just as they cross the bridge.
They open their eyes to a brand new world and my sweet friend Abby is the very first one they see when they cross over.

Stuart and Kathleen, Abby’s Dad and Mom, they would be so very proud of her. Abby and I we are the helpers. And from here we can see… Abby and I we can see a far, far ways.

Hugs, Riley

August 7, 2011

I love kittens! The most exciting things happen on my farm and from here I get to watch them all. My Mama and my Dad love kittens too. At my farm we have all cats with music names. We have Trio, Santana, Carlos, Taylor, Grayee (he is the only one without a music name, cause Uncle Steve named his rabbit Grayee, so we have Grayee on the farm) and we have SonnyBono.

My farm cats are great cats, some are even 12 years old! Doctor Don takes care of them. Lately he has had to do that a lot!!!

Mama and Dad went down to Riversbend Animal Hospital yesterday and picked out four new kittens. Jimmy is in charge of kittens there so he helped them. The first kitten they chose was one they thought might have a hard time getting a home cause she looks kind of different. She is grey with a orange nose and other little orange spots. But turned out she had a big personality. So with all her wild looks and personality, they named her Cher. They did not know how important it was that they picked Cher, but the big guy up here and I… well we knew she had to be chosen.

Next they picked her brother, “Smokey” Robinson, he’s a big personality too! Then came the two other tiger brothers, “Bootsie Collins” and Zappa. They are really cute. I love watching them when they first get to be loose in the big barn after being in a kennel. They have the time of their lives!

Mama did not know it but last night a real mean animal chased Sonny and he got hurt bad. He crawled way back in behind all the round bales. It was hurt like when Dad fell out of the haymow, only worse. He did not even know who he was. So Friday night and Saturday he laid there, I watched over him of course but no one knew he was there.

Then the kittens came to my farm. Right away Cher found her Sonny. She could not figure out why he did not play. She tried to show Mama where he was but Momma thought she was just being a silly girl. Finally at dinner time Mama Cher was so determined to show Mama where Sonny was she got behind the bales and would not come out. So Mama sat down by the bales. She does a lot of floor sitting in the barn when new kittens come. They must make her tired.

She looked back in behind the bales to find Cher and finally she saw Sonny. I thought she would never see him! She knew he was hurt and she called Dad right away. They did not know how to get him out. First they called Doctor Don and left him a message. He comes to my house all the time at nights and on weekends, I guess he just loves visiting us.

Then of course we called Libby’s Mary. Libby’s Mary came right away, she had just got all cleaned up, she looks nice clean. You will
never believe it but Libby’s Mary and Cher are heros. They climbed right down into the hay bales. You’d think really that they were moneys! Libby’s Mary handed Sonny to Mama and they rushed him into the house. They were so worried about him. He was really hurt bad.

Then Doctor Don called he was on another visit (that guy must really love visitng on the weekends), he said to give him water and karo syrup. I like syrup but it can make you kind of sticky if you are not careful, then you get the four letter word… you know “bath”. So they tried. Libby’s Mary touched him in that special way she touches us when we hurt. It made him relax, it always does.

Then Doctor Don came. He said Sonny had a concussion, so he got a shot. He said Sonny will be ok but he better stay in the house til he knows who he is and all. And then he said don’t let him have a deep dish ofwater he might drowned in it. Doctor Don, he knows everything, that’s what Mama, Dad and Libby’s Mary said after he left.

They sat and talked after Doctor Don left, the three of them. They said how lucky that Cher got adopted that day. But I know really it had nothing to do with luck, it was all part of the plan. Really that’s the best part of living here. Because you know from here I can see a far, far ways.

When everything settled down Libby’s Mary went home. Do you know what she did at her house? She had a great big bowl of ice cream!

August 5, 2011

Today Mama’s heart is so sad and I see that she has tears so I will be the helper. I always have been. I saw Mama and Dad talking in the kitchen with their sad voices and then their friend Jack called, he and Susan have sad hearts… that is what Mama said. Mama and Dad have known Jack for so long, longer than they knew me even. Jack and Susan, they are always there for my fund, they have a big newspaper and since I was a pup there were stories about me in it. They help my fund so much, hundreds of animals have been helped because of them. Mama says they have true hearts like hers, that love animals more than anything ever.

I still was not sure why I needed to be the helper, but I knew it was about Jack and Susan. The big guy up here told me that today would be a very important day and that I was on call. All of the sudden the trumpet sounded and I knew I was needed at the Rainbow Bridge.  I knew it was someone very, very special who I would be helping.

All of those who cross the bridge have someone special to show them the way. But for this one, I could tell from the sadness I could feel from Jack and Susan that the special helper needed to be me. So I ran as fast as my legs could carry me all the way to the bridge. MacKenzie, Libby, Duffy, Ruby and a host of others lined the bridge. It was a huge turnout.

The bridge seemed to glisten in a special way on this morning. I think maybe it was because of all the tears in my earth world that
were being shed for the special one who was coming.

Then we saw him, plodding slowly through the mist. He was a little unsure, confused… we all are until our paws touch the bridge. He was huge, big as a house, one of the largest dogs I have ever seen cross the bridge. There was a kindness and gentleness about him that was really something to behold. I realized then that he was a mix of each and every one of us, a blend of nearly every breed on earth, truly the most unusual dog I have ever seen.

We waited, letting him take his time. Then he touched the bridge with his paw and it was splendid, really magnificent to see him dance. His paws became light and he was like a puppy again. Just like when Jack and Susan found him. They loved him for his whole earth life and he was so fortunate to have had them in his life. But Jack and Susan, they knew really… they were the lucky ones having known him.

He talked with us then about how Dr. Gordy had helped him cross. He was truly grateful to his earth family.  The bridge seemed to fascinate him and we told him all about it and how he would be helping others to cross.

Then it happened, the trumpet sounded again. Usually the new ones have some time to settle in but not this time. Brutus was there first, right at the head of the bridge. Brutus and his great big kind heart ready to help, just like in his earth life

This one, she came very slowly, a tiny one really, just a pup. When her paw touched the bridge Brutus scooped her up and carried her all the way across. He held her tight in all of his furriness and took her to the huge swimming pool that we have up here. For he knew she would love swimming as she was a baby lab pup. They swam and they played side by side, it was a good
day after all, a small dog child got the biggest friend ever.

Hugs, Riley