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July 23, 2011

My Mama and my Dad have broken hearts today. My cat brother Solo lives with me now across the bridge. All the cats up here had a huge parade last night when he crossed over. It really was quite something to see them all pouncing and running and playing. All for Solo to greet him and to make him feel safe.

My heart is with my Mama and my Dad today. I see them gently carry their little cat child to the place where kitties are buried. They hug him and tell him good-by. Mama puts a beautiful flower on his grave. She picked the prettiest lily in the garden for him because he was such a handsome boy.

My Dad thought someday Solo would be the big cat on the farm but instead he is living here with me. I wish they knew how nice it was here. Everyone is loved and of course everyone is equal. There is no prejudice and everyone is safe, my Dad would like that part best. That is how his art room always was on earth, a safe place. I used to visit the kids there, I love kids.

Today I will think only of my Mama and my Dad and I will try my best to make them feel better. I will play with my cat brother the whole day and I will introduce him to all my friends and all the cat people who have come before him to live here.

Hugs, Riley

July 21, 2011

Today Lexy and Britta got to go visit kids at Rose Lake Youth Camp in Leroy! It was so fun. Britta is so silly she sat right on a
little boys lap, she loves children (me too).  Children are just the best ever. I have lots of them to play with up here, really it’s the best part!

Rugby and Mary went too. Rugby stood up real tall and did his trick for the kids! He is so cool, I remember when he was just a pup.

Lexy’s best friend Stella Straley brought her Mom and Dad, Kathy and Ed. We love Stella, she is a Rottweiler and she is full of puppy fun, she loves kids too!

I could see them all having tons of fun, even in the hot weather. This week my fund helped more kitties and a few dogs too. We had lots of fixing going on! Summer, really it is just the best time ever.

Hugs, Riley

July 14, 2011

It has been a very hard week for kittens at my fund this week. One tiny kitten had a broken leg and my fund helped to fix it! The other kitten broke it’s back. It was very, very sad. My fund helped though and now that kitten gets to live with me! I love kittens and so does everyone here. Don’t worry about us at all cause we have lots of fun playing games with kittens with string toys and such.

Mama and Britta and Rusty got to go the Women’s Shelter today. Britta wiggled at all the ladies, they loves her. And she even sat on a ladies lap, that silly Britta. Rusty went too, he got lots of pets and belly rubs. Then they went to Aunt Barb’s house to drop off wedding stuff for my sissy. Then they got to go the bank and put money in my fund account to help animals. Aunt Sue was at the bank, she gave them biscuits! How fun of a day.

I see Mama is getting ready to leave again. She and Lexy will go to the library in Big Rapids with a lot of other dogs from my fund.
They get to read with the kids. Lexy is very good at reading, most times she sits very still and listens. Today I will miss Mama a lot.

Hugs, Riley

July 7, 2011

Today Mama is taking Lexy and Zoe to the women’s shelter to visit. Lexy has visited there before but Zoe is very excited because it is her first visit as a Therapy Dog. Zoe says she hopes there are kids. Zoe loves kids! She will lick them like crazy, if they like licking. Lexy will behave like a normal dog, for Zoe that is very hard. I will watch them and I will roll on my back laughing at Zoe.

Last night Mama went to dinner for her birthday. Aunt Barb and Aunt Sue and the Grandma took her to Applebees. The ladies at
Applebees sang the birthday song. Aunt Sue was naughty and told them it was Mama’s birthday, I think Aunt Barb’s naughtiness is rubbing off on Aunt Sue. I wonder if Mama will soon be naughty too? They laughed and laughed and had areal good time. I was so happy for my own Mama to laugh and smile.

Hugs, Riley

July 6, 2011

Today is Mama’s birthday, she will probably get tons of biscuits for her birthday because she has been a “good girl”. This week at my fund we are fixing more and more cats and dogs, so many are broken it is just really quite something. But we don’t want lots of extra pups and kittens so fixing we will do!

Mama has been raking lots of hay this week. I help of course. Sometimes Dad starts the field and sometimes he does not have time
cause he is busy with the cutting and the baling, so Mama starts it.

You know it makes me smile when Mama starts the field. She and my Dad have been working together doing hay for almost 20 years. But still she says Dad can’t help himself. When she starts the raking he comes out and he stands on a hill. He stops her and tells her just how to start and which way to go, she listens. Then off goes Mama and does just what he tells her, which really is what she was going to do anyway. Mama and I we just smile.

You see Mama and I are both alphas. Sometimes its real hard for alphas to listen and do things they are told. Mama used to tell me to do things like “sit, down or stay”. I did them even though I was an alpha just like Mama does the hay things like my Dad wants her to even though she is an alpha—she does it. Mama and me, we say that when you love someone from real deep in your heart like I love Mama and my Dad and they love me…well, sometimes you just listen and do as you are told. Sometimes that’s just a part of the loving. Things like that–up here they are real clear.

Hugs, Riley

July 5, 2011

Did you see the parade in Big Rapids. I think it was just awesome. My Aunt Sue and Aunt Barb decorated the float so very cool, and they made a big book about kids reading to dogs at the library. It was really pawriffic!!!

Tons of my friends rode on the float with their people. Aunt Barb was naughty as usual. She squirted everyone in the crowd with squirt guns, Nicole helped with the squirting. She probably learned to be naughty from her Mom. The boys threw candy. It was real hot. Of course Uncle Lonnie drove the big red truck with the loud sirens, cool—very cool.

Uncle Kent and the Grandpa and Grandma drove the old fancy cars with no tops. It was Kegan’s birthday so he got to ride in the 1947 Buick with Dad and Uncle Kent. He looked very dapper for his birthday.

Mama missed me a lot on the float. I usually am in charge of things like that. I sent her kisses right from my side of the bridge, big
sloppy wet ones. I know she thought it was Aunt Barb’s squirt gun but really it was me. Mama and I we have the best times ever!

Hugs, Riley

July 2, 2011

Wow! We have lots of broken kitties and dogs this week! I mean really they all need fixing so there will be no extra puppies and kittens. Mama has been very busy with the kitties and the dog who need us. Thankfully there were not emergencies this week, only the fixing.

And then we have big fun news too! All my friends will be in the fourth of July parade in Big Rapids on Monday night, woo-hoo, will that be cool or what. I will watch them, they will give all the kids stickers with my cat Trio’s picture on them. And all the kids will get candy too.

My sister Lexy will show them all how well behaved boxers can be. During the parade Lexy will not be a goof and she will not be silly, she will be a big girl. It will be hard but she can do it. I bet they will allwear red, white and blue. How fun is that.

And don’t forget fireworks!  I hope all my friends are very careful and have lots of fun!

Hugs, Riley