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June 30, 2011

Today I was watching Mama rake the hay. It was very quiet and sunny. All of the sudden Dad came to the field with the big tractor, he was beeping the horn like crazy. He stopped Mama and told her the rain was coming, he was very upset, the whole big field
was down. She said she thought it would be ok, but she was very worried.

While Mama raked she started taking to me, we do that all the time—Mama and I. She said, “Buddy go tell the big guy that your Mama could use a break.” I knew she was so worried about the rain, so I ran as fast as I could go to the big guy. When I got to him I sat at his feet like a good boy. He said, “What’s up Riley?” He always takes time for each of us even though he is very busy keeping airplanes in the air and such.

I told him Mama was so worried about the rain and that she could really use a break. He said in his gentle voice, “Don’t worry Buddy, I got her back.” I knew then it would be ok for Mama and my Dad and that the rain would wait and the hay would come in. But I wanted to make sure that Mama knew it. I looked up at him and he said, “I got it covered.”

You see while Mama was raking the swallows weren’t playing with her on the tractor like they usually play with Mama and I. She
told me she thought that was kind of strange. So as Mama’s tractor crested the hill they all came, first just one, then many of the little swallows—a whole flock. When she saw them she knew it would be ok, the rain would wait and the hay would come in. The big guy had sent a sign.

The big guy, he told me, I’m always here for you Riley and your Mama too. Mama and I we know that he is, just sometimes we get busy and forget to ask for help.

I watched them for the rest of the evening; Michael, Alex, Robbie, Mama and my Dad. All of the hay came in, it was a good day. I took one last look at them, tired, trailing into the house.

As I stood on the edge of the cloud looking down I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up into my Jaja’s face, he crossed over before me and now he helps the farmers cross over. We are both helpers, he and I. As he
looked down at me he said,”I’m proud of them you know, I never thought they’d be farmers and here they are—the two of them, caring for the land just like those of us who went before them. We danced for joy, my Jaja and I just like we
did when I first came to the farm, a tiny pup who learned to be one of the best farm dogs ever. Haying, it really is like magic.

Hugs, Riley

June 29, 2011

Guess what I see happening at my house? The most special time of the whole year is just beginning. It is haying time at my farm. I love haying, it really is just the best time ever. Last night I watched Dad cut the whole big field. It is my favorite field because when I walked with Mama in the morning the fresh cut hay smelled so good and after the tall grasses are cut you can see a far ways—clear back to the woods.

I knew that Lexy and Britta would be so excited to see the hay cut. I watched them go down the lane and through the gate. It is Britta’s first time haying you know. She is having the time of her life living at my house, she is loved and safe, and finally after all the homes she has had she now has her forever home. I watched them go under the big maples; Mama, Lexy and Britta–then they looked out a far ways to the back of the field.

They saw the sand hill cranes, the sand hill’s make those funny noises and they bug my Dad. Lexy and Britta just missed the mama deer and the baby fawn, but Mama and I–we saw them. The Bob-O-Links sat proudly on the fence with all their babies as Mama and all my brothers and sisters took turns walking by. We always call them “Bobos” just for fun, Mama and I we always do silly things like that. The swallows—they dive bomb everyone walking through the new cut field. We run and play with them, really, it is great fun!

Tomorrow, Mama will rake the hay, because she is the “raker”. Mama likes to rake because the rake makes a sound she says you can count on. It makes you know things are ok, and you will be safe and life will go on. Dad, he is the “cutter and the baler”. They are both very good at haying because they learned it all from my JaJa, he was my Dad’s Father. He always made hay time very special.

When haying starts the tractor will come and I hope that Lexy will bark it away. I tried my best to teach her last year that you “must” bark the tractor all the way down the drive but she is such a goof I am not sure she gets it. Mama says she is making progress though, she did bark three different times at a stranger this spring! And at least she chases the tractor down the drive even if she does not say too much. 

After Mama gets the hay raked my brother Michael will come with his whole crew from Mikey’s Tree Service. They will help Mama bring in the square bales. They are the best guys! My farm has been like this for many generations. The men come during haying time and they work hard, they sweat and they smell, but they laugh and joke too. They will joke with Mama tomorrow and everyone will do the best job they can, it is very hard work. Dad will finish the baling doing the big round bales. Then they will do two more fields when the weather is just right. Sissy never does hay but I still love her, she gives good hugs.

I will miss haying the most of anytime because for Mama, Dad, and I it really is the best time ever of the whole year. I will watch them all though, because from here, I can see a far, far ways.

Hugs, Riley

June 28, 2011

Wow! Guess what I saw this week? Emily found a boy who looked just like me, how cool is that! She and Josie decided to try to find his family. He was so skinny they knew he was a stray. Emily called Mama for help, sometimes Mama is a helper like I was. Mama said, “Good luck, I will help you.” Emily said, “He is a nice boy and he plays nicely with Greta.”

So Emily and Josie fed him and named him Petie. I think he name should have been named “good boy” because he looked just like me and that was my name most of the time. So I watched Emily and Josie look for his family, they looked and looked, they knocked on doors and put up flyers.

No one said, “He is my dog.” Then a nice lady called Emily, her dog had crossed the bridge and was here with me. He is a nice dog,
one of my friends you know. So Emily sent Mama a message and said, “What do you think?” Mama said it sounds nice, why don’t you ask them who their vet is and see if they took good care of their boy before. Emily called their vet and he said they were very nice people.

Emily sent Mama a message today and said that the nice people came and got “good boy” I mean Petie! Now because Emily and Josie took a chance on this boy he has a forever home. I think Emily and Josie are just the
nicest people ever! Greta is a lucky girl to have such cool Moms, and Petie he is really the lucky one!

Hugs, Riley

June 26, 2011

It’s a kitty kind of a week! Wow! Mama keeps getting calls like crazy about kitties
who need homes. And then there was a nice American bulldog who looked just like
me who got lost and needs a home too. I feel so sorry for animals who lose
their way. Thankfully Emily and Josie found the nice dog and he is safe til he
finds a home.

Mama is so busy today working in the yard with Dad. If I was at my house I would
help! I would dig a hole for Mama, she loves that. I see that Britta is
helping, she got in a big old hole that was full of water and splashed like
crazy, it looked so fun. My friend Kristopher and my Dad took her right to the
hose and got her all clean, she even loved the hose! It was very hot. My sister
Lexy is behaving and not digging holes, up here we call that a miracle!

Hugs, Riley

June 20, 2011

I was watching Mama do email today. She got all excited! Our friend Diane from
WYBR and Big Country Radio Station had a golf outing a few weeks ago. And guess
what that nice Diane did!!! She had one of her friends man a hole at the golf
outing and they collected a lot of money for my fund! It was so nice of them
cause in the summer money is slow and helping animals is really needed.

I am not exactly sure what Diane means about manning a hole. It must be like my
sister Lexy does when she is watching mole holes. I bet that is what it is! I
bet those golf people get really mad about all the holes at their golf place.
They should have Lexy come to golf outings she’d fix those holes right up.

I think I am going to give Diane a big old boxer kiss right from heaven!!!

Hugs, Riley

June 16, 2011

This was a really hard kitty week. There are so many nice kitties who need homes.
Mama had 4 different people call with baby kitties and there is nowhere for
them to go. Then someone dropped off a whole box of kitties at a vets office,
how mean is that.

But it was a good dog week, three dogs got help from my fund and one more will get
helped next week.

Lexy and her friend Stella did Therapy Dog work at the women’s shelter today, I am
so very proud of them, they are good workers!

This afternoon I see that Mama’s day is very hard. She had tears for me. My
microchip people had to find out that I crossed the rainbow bridge and that I am
up here in this special place watching so everyone I love is safe, specially
Mama. For Mama the letting go is very hard sometimes, she says it’s a process .I
guess some things for Mama will always be hard, but Lexy and all my brothers
and sisters will help her.

I will watch Mama for always because from here I can see a far, far ways.

Hugs, Riley

June 12, 2011

This week was very special all the dogs in the Riley MacKenzie Fund Obedience Classes graduated! How cool is that! They did all their sits and down and everything. I love watching the puppies. Even sissy’s rescue bulldog Lola graduated, her Dad, Michae,l worked with her. Mama, Dad, Aunt Sue, Uncle Lonnie and Aunt Barb graduated them all!

It has been a really exciting weekend! Over 20 therapy dogs passed their Therapy Dogs International test and my sister Zoe was one of them. Woo Hoo great job Zoe! All the dogs will be able to visit lots of people and kids too. Kids are so much fun, I love kids.

It was a very nervous weekend for us too. My Uncle Lonnie got real sick and had to ride in an ambulance again. Me and Tanker, Blaze, Ember, Libby, Copper, MacKenzie, Ruby and all the other dogs up here were so worried about him. Usually there is not a lot of worrying up here but he was so sick and they took him to the big hospital in Grand Rapids again.

All the firemen and ambulance people up here noticed that Uncle Lonnie’s special dogs were worried so they played really cool games with us. Fireman they really are the best players ever! Then today Mama said Uncle Lonnie gets to go home! He needs to rest for a long time and behave. It is real hard for Uncle Lonnie to behave; he is very busy helping people.

I think when he is not behaving MaMa will say bad Lonnie and he will settle down. That is what Mama used to do to me. Then Uncle Lonnie will go to his chair and he will rest so he feels better. Mama will have to do it because he does not listen to Aunt Barb.

From here I can see that Probie, Ember, Cinder and LT are very happy that their Dad is coming home. Ember got to go to the hospital and therapy him yesterday that is probably why he gets to come home. Dog Therapy is the best ever. 

Hugs, Riley

June 6, 2011

You should have seen all my friends having dinner at the Sawmill Saloon tonight! Mama and Dad took Lexy and Britta, Barb and Lonnie took Probie and Ember, Sue and her Mom took Roo and Dillion (Dillion is a foster dog and is her ever cute—he is looking for a forever home), Emily came with Greta, Mary and Lenny took Rugby and Shaley, Kathy and Ed too Stella, Sissy and Michael took Lola and Big Pete, and Bridget brought her whole family—-even her kids.

Of course I watched it all! Everyone had so much fun. They got to have drinks and dinner. Dogs got a biscuit from the nice lady Linda who owns the Sawmill and they had bowls of water and everything. I see that Lexy and Britta are taking a nice nap now, it was a big day, one of the best days ever!

Hugs, Riley

June 1, 2011

Mama and I have been so busy with my fund! Dog school is almost over. Barb and Sue are the best dog school helpers ever! I miss seeing them, they give really great kisses.

We have had hurt legs and shots and heartworm and really just everything bad this week. I am so happy we have so many friends who help animals in my town!

This week Lexy and all her dog friends (and people too) get to go to the patio at the Sawmill Saloon for dinner on Sunday night, how fun is that! I hope lots of dogs get to go. Cause from here I will watch it all and smile real big!

Hugs, Riley