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May 30, 2011

Wow! Lexy, Rusty, Kegan and all my other Therapy Dog friends are going to get to do something very cool this summer! They get to listen to stories read to them from kids at the Big Rapids Public Library. I mean really, how cool is that! I love having kids read to me.

And then all the dogs get to go to Rose Lake Youth Camp too! That will be so cool, I mean there is a lake and everything. Kids and a lake what could be better!

Up here we have the greatest clouds for cuddling up with a child for story reading. Lots of kids read to me here because they know how happy it makes me and the other dogs.

The Big Rapids Library is such a special place I can hardly wait to see all the fun going on. Mama says all kids are welcome to come. The reading will be at 2:00 pm on July 14 and August 11. Almost on Lexy’s birthday! She will be three years old this year you know. She’s all grown up now. I am so very proud of her.

Hugs, Riley

May 24, 2011

This weekend on our side of the bridge was one of those very special times. The trumpets blared so loud and clear I knew that someone very special was crossing over the bridge. I knew that it must be someone Mama knew in her heart. So we ran as fast as we could to help the new one cross over.

We stood at the bridge waiting, Libby, Ruby, MacKenzie, Duffy, Tanker, Copper and a host of many other special friends of mine. Grandma Frozen Cookie was there of course. This time she said her guidance would be needed to help with the crossing in a calming sort of a way. She has that touch you know especially with horses.

We all heard it in the distance… a stamping and a snorting. And then he appeared in all his glory. He really was magnificent! He was Mama’s special friend’s beautiful show horse, Knight. He was everything a perfect Arabian horse should be, glossy and so very proud… real true wild spirit.

We saw how tentative he was, you know, horses are just that way. So Grandma Frozen Cookie told us to wait quietly and she stepped on to the bridge and reached out through the clouds to touch his gentle face. As she touched him his right hoof touched the first plank on the bridge and he calmed.

He danced all the way across the bridge with Grandma Frozen Cookie by his side. It really was quite something. He was perfect once again. He will always be in Mama’s friend Stacey’s heart you know. Just like I will stay in Mama’s heart for all of time. I heard Mama tell her friend Stacey that she understood the loss. Mama said to Stacey, “Knight was your Riley and my heart is with you.”

Knight has a special box like my purple velvet lined box for pieces of hearts of the people that he loved in his earth life. But his box is lined with emerald green velvet. He showed me the piece of Stacey’s heart he will keep for all of time, because she was his special person.

This place, it really is something. For Knight and I we can see a far, far ways.

Hugs, Riley

May 17, 2011

This spring I have seen some exciting stuff at my house! I mean really, I think my little sister Lexy is growing up. I watched her kill four moles in our yard! All the boxers up here did high fives every time she got one, how cool is that!

Tanker and I and all of the Therapy Dogs up here are so proud of her each time she visits kids. She is so calm and she is funny too! She is just like me she gets so bored when Mama talks. Then she rolls over on her back and her jowls flop upside down and all the little kids laugh. Tanker and I, well, we are real proud of her!

Last night I was watching Mama and Lexy and Britta go for a walk in the hay field. It was such a nice night, I so miss our walks together.

All of the sudden, Lexy stopped dead in her tracks and yelled to Mama, “Run for your life, Mama it’s a ten foot Egyptian King Cobra Snake!” Well, Mama turned around, ready to help Lexy and it was only a three foot Michigan Puff Adder Snake. My poor little sis, Lexy, had to walk very carefully around the place the snake was on the way back.

So later then when Lexy was taking a nap from all the excitement, the cat came up behind her and nosed her, and she jumped out of her bed. I think she was dreaming about the snake.

I am still very proud of Lexy, but all us boxers up here, well, we just grin when we think of the snake and Lexy. I guess she’s still just a pup and has a little more growing to do.

Hugs, Riley

May 14, 2011

Wow, my fund had tons of cool dogs at our 3K/5K Walk With Your Dog! Lot’s of cool people too! We had almost 100 people and over 50 dogs attend! It was so very fun. Everyone got the most coolest shirts. I watched it all!!!

So many volunteers, business and local people helped! Everyone is very good to my fund, we have lots of friends.

Dr. Jeff Mossel got the course all set up, we really could not have done it without him. First Place Mens was Scott Hicks ran the 5K in 18 minutes and 17 seconds. First Place Womens was Katie Tomczyk ran the 5K in 19.37 seconds. Janet Kingsley and her dog Chewy ran the 3K in 25 minutes. It was very exciting. 

Then 10 people won prizes from the raffle that Aunt Barb and Aunt Sue did. Everyone got to go in the Sawmill Bar and have Hot Dogs! Special thanks to Miss Linda Proctor, what a great gal.  I mean how fun is that, hot dogs for everyone!

My friend Nicole ran the whole 5K too, for her first time. I was so proud of her! We raised $3700.00 to help dogs and cats. What a very exciting day! Thanks to everyone who came and sponsored our race!

 Look for photos on our facebook page and on the Pioneer Group Newspapers web site.

 Hugs, Riley

May 8, 2011

Today is Mothers Day, I see from up here that my Mama misses me a lot.

Hugs, Riley

May 2, 2011

Our little house guest, Cinder, got to go home and so did his Dad, Lonnie. They are both doing ok now. We were real worried. Mama and my brothers and sisters have started walking everyday in the hay field. I love walks in the hay field, really they are the best ever.

We have lots of animals we are helping in my fund, more fixing as usual, no puppies and kittens for us. Then some dogs lost their homes because of a bad fire. They are safe though and we are taking care of them.

We have some fun stuff coming up too. Our walk with your dog is in just two weeks. Mama ordered all the t-shirts today! They will be really cool, and everyone will get one. There will be lots of drink bowls, hot dogs and a first prize for the fastest runners! We hope you can come.

Then we are working real hard on our recipe book, ummm good recipes coming in everyday!

Hugs, Riley