The most exciting thing happened yesterday! One of my very best friends in the whole world, Carol, adopted another Boston Terrier from Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue! Now Sadie, the puppy mill Boston who Carol adopted almost two years ago has a very cool forever sister. For now she is the little sister but soon she will get a new name.

I saw Mama, Carol and Sadie driving a long, long ways to get the new little sister. Mama had a fish sandwich and Carol had a burger. I would have loved that trip! Then we they got home the girls had dinner and went potty in their yard and played like crazy. Mama says that the little sister is to interested in Carol’s canary but Carol will watch real close.

Mama told all my brothers and sisters about the rescue road trip. Rescue trips are the best ever. I see all the rescue people working very hard to keep all animals safe. It really is wonderful to see a far ways.

Hugs, Riley

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