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April 25, 2011

We have been so busy with emergencies. Mostly dogs kitties seem ok. And don’t forget if you need a kitty Riversbend Animal Hospital in Big Rapids has lots of them for adoption.

We have more fun news too! We are going to make a cookbook this year. If you have recipes just send them to us before May 15 and they can go in our book. It will be out this fall and will make great Christmas gifts. You can send in people or dog recipes. I like dog recipes myself!

My friend Cinder hurt his eye and his Dad, Lonnie, is real sick and is in the hospital. So Cinder is at my house so Mama can take care of his eye. We all hope his Dad gets better real soon cause we are worried about him.

Hugs, Riley

April 17, 2011

Now we have more excitement at our house! Mama went downstate Friday and brought my sissy, Heather, a little girl rescue bulldog! She is very cute and only 9 months old. Sue and Barb and Brenda all went too. They took Maxx a nice boxer pup to a Boxer Haven adopter. Now Maxx has a forever home and so does Lola! Lola is sissy’s pup. Michael loves her a lot too, now he is Dad to another bulldog. Pete, Jake and Emily love their new sister. It all worked out great. Two dogs got forever homes! How cool is that.

Of course Mama held the little girl bulldog on her lap all the way home, because she is the Grandma of her. I bet I would have like her a lot. Pretty soon probably everyone at my house will meet her

My fund has been so busy helping dogs and kitties. And on May 14 we are having “Walk with  your dog in Big Rapids”. We have tons of people signed up already, it is sure to be a fun day!

Hugs, Riley

April 10, 2011

The most exciting thing happened yesterday! One of my very best friends in the whole world, Carol, adopted another Boston Terrier from Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue! Now Sadie, the puppy mill Boston who Carol adopted almost two years ago has a very cool forever sister. For now she is the little sister but soon she will get a new name.

I saw Mama, Carol and Sadie driving a long, long ways to get the new little sister. Mama had a fish sandwich and Carol had a burger. I would have loved that trip! Then we they got home the girls had dinner and went potty in their yard and played like crazy. Mama says that the little sister is to interested in Carol’s canary but Carol will watch real close.

Mama told all my brothers and sisters about the rescue road trip. Rescue trips are the best ever. I see all the rescue people working very hard to keep all animals safe. It really is wonderful to see a far ways.

Hugs, Riley

April 3, 2011

March ended in a really great way! We got to help some boxers, a boston terrier and a schnauzer find homes. We still have lots of kitties and a young lab to find a home for. But there are lots of wonderful people out there so we will be able to I am sure.

Lexy and her friends are having tons of fun doing school visits. This month we are visiting Leroy, Luther and Barryton. I love school, kids and visits! It is really the most fun ever, I am so happy Lexy and her friends are so good at it.

Mama has a puppy that looks just like me in her rescue. He is very cute but I doubt that he is as good a boy as I was. I mean really, I was the best boxer boy who every lived.

Hugs, Riley