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March 27, 2011

March has been so busy for my fund. March is fixing month! I am so excited because we are fixing over 75 cats and dogs! No more unwanted puppies and kittens for us.

Speaking of kittens Lexy got one of her own. I wish Mama would have got a kitten for me when I lived in Big Rapids. I love kittens. Lexy’s kitten is a calico named Trio. All my cats always have music names. The kitties who live outside with the horses are Sonny Bono, Solo (Trio’s brother), Taylor, Carolos, Santana and Grayee. Gray cats always get named Grayee cause of my Uncle Steve.

Mama says Trio was too little and was always getting sick so she had to live in the house. If I lived in the house still I would be in charge of Trio. Lexy likes Trio a lot. They play all the time. Zoe plays with her too. Everyone else just thinks she is a nuisance.

Mama has been missing me a lot since I was on TV last week. I miss Mama too. The Cadillac paper just did a story about my fund this week. The nice lady at the paper did a really job telling everyone about my fund.

One of the nicest things about my fund is all the school visiting we get to do. This week Lexy and a whole bunch of dogs got to read to kids. Well the kids did most of the reading. But still it was real fun. I loved to visit kids at school. I think that is why Mama is missing me again too. We liked to go to school together.

This week Mama saw a puppy like me on a boxer email. Mama knows the puppy would not be like me but it was a close one. Lexy almost got a puppy to play with her kitten!

Hugs, Riley

March 11, 2011

Yesterday was the most very special day for my fund! Mama and all of her friends went to Reed City to GT Norman Elementary School and visited 93 kids! I love kids. I would see it all, because you all know I can see a far ways from up here.

TV 9&10 came and everyone was on TV. Lexy’s good friend Kaitlin showed everyone how to pet Lexy nicely. And the Cadillac Newspaper was there too. There was lots of fun and good times. I was so very proud of every dog who was there and of course their people too. 

Then when Mama came home she called and we got 47 dogs and cats set up for the fixing. You all know how much I love fixing. All the veterinarians in my town are doing the fixing.

I could see Mama at night watching the TV and she was very surprised that the nice lady at TV 9&10 got out the old story of when I was on TV and won Therapy Dog of the year. That was a really big day for me and for Mama too. Of course I knew I was going to be on TV again last night cause I whispered in the nice ladies ear that Mama would like to see me on TV because I am so very handsome. And I know how much Mama still misses me. For a minute it was almost like I was right there with Mama again. Mama was always so very proud of all the work I did in my earth life.

Mama and I are always together in our hearts. In my heart I am still there helping Mama and all her friends every single day. I thought it would never happen, but my creepy little sister Lexy has finally grown up. Miss Lexy, I am very proud of you and all your friends. Keep up the good work!

Hugs, Riley

March 8, 2011

So Mama and some of the nicest people came to the Blue Cow Café tonight to raise money for my fund. Mama is so happy because we raised over $3500.00 Everyone worked so hard and everyone had lots of fun. Now we can help lots of animals.

Mama is tired right out. I suppose she will take a nap with my friend Britta. I love naps. 

Hugs, Riley

March 3, 2011

What an awesome day. It is cool and clear and I can see clear down to my earth friends. Eleven of my dog friends went with my Mama and Lexy and my Dad and Kegan to visit kids at St. Mary’s school in Big Rapids. The dogs and the kids love it so much! Visiting kids was my most wonderful thing in my earth life. I mean really, I just love kids!

Now Mama is getting ready with our friend Pam to have our “Hands Helping Paws” fundraiser at the Blue Cow in Big Rapids this Monday night. Our artist friends are so nice. They donated over 60 things to sell on Monday to raise money for all the dogs and cats who need help. 

This March we are spaying and neutering at least 50 dogs and cats! How cool is that!

Hugs, Riley