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February 20, 2011

What a busy week for us! We had a little dog get hurt really bad, the vet called and said it was a emergency because some big dog hurt her really bad. But we got her all fixed up! She will be ok and is looking for a new forever home soon.

We have lots going on with our auction at the Blue Cow Café on March 7th too! Mama and Sherry and Glenda and trying to get all the stuff that is up for bid on my facebook page. There is some really cool stuff and more will be coming in this week so keep checking our facebook page.

I see that Mama has recovered from helping her friends Bob and Debbie Patterson at the flower store over Valentine’s Day. I also see Mama still misses me cause I was her best Valentine ever next to Dad.

Hugs, Riley

February 11, 2011

The Manna Pantry called and they are almost out of pet food! Lots of hungry dogs and cats right now, and it is so very cold.

Mama and Lexy went to Big Rapids Farm and Garden and bought three huge bags of dog food and two huge bags of cat food for the animals and took it to the Manna Pantry. Lexy is turning out to be a really great helper to Mama. She will never be like me, I know Mama will always miss me. But she is her own person and she does ok. I am glad she is there to help Mama. I have big paws to fill but Lexy…she does ok.

Hugs, Riley

February 10, 2011

Big Fun today for my sis Lexy! She got to go with a whole bunch of dogs from my fund to St Michaels School in Remus. It was great, I could see them. I sure miss the hugging of little kids, it really is the best. I was so proud of all my friends.

All the kids were really nice and so were the teachers and the principal. I think visiting schools is just the best ever. Mama told the kids about my fund and everyone talked about their dogs. Then the petting started. It was very cool! If I can’t be there watching all the fun is the next best thing!

Hugs, Riley


February 6, 2011

I feel so bad for all my animal friends when it is so cold. This week my fund had to help lots with food for dogs and kitties. So sad to be cold and hungry. But not anymore, now the hungry ones have lots to eat thanks to all the people who support my fund!

We are busy getting ready for our Art Sale at the Blue Cow, we sure are getting lots of very cool stuff! We have paintings, and pottery, afghans and quilts. We will be able to make lots of money to help animals.

All of our flyers are out for our spay and neuter clinics in March. We got them all dropped off just before the big storm on Wednesday! We can hardly wait to get to fixing all those dogs and kitties!

Hugs, Riley

February 1, 2011

My sister Libby asked me to write to you today about something very, very serious. You can see my sis, Libby, on my web site. She crossed the bridge before I did. She helps all the domestic violence dogs up here, and people too. Where you live on earth you would call her a counselor. My earth sister, Heather, is a counselor too but at a big hospital. I suppose you could say both my sisters help with my fund.

Libby has a very special job up here. When there is a domestic violence situation on the earth it is terrifying for the animals and the people. Sometimes animals get killed trying to save their people. Those situations are very difficult for us to watch. We see them all, the pain, the suffering. When they are killed we see them coming, full of pain with their tails down.

That is where Libby’s special job comes in as a counselor. The minute their paw touches the bridge she is the one who tells them they are safe. All the pain vanishes then. All the sorrow is gone. They are suddenly well. Of course they miss their family like Libby and I miss our family but they are whole. When they come we all cheer and make sure they know how special they are for defending their family.

The reason Libby wanted me to write to you is so you would all understand that you can help domestic violence animals on your earth. My fund helped one today. It is the best kind of helping ever. Mama, her friends in my fund, and one of those special people we call counselors helped a dog so he does not have to cross the bridge. He was afraid and was very timid, his tail was down. Mama says he was misused. But now he is in a safe place and he will be ok. He is safe and so is his family. Really it’s the best day ever.

Hugs, Riley