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January 31, 2011

The cold month of January is almost over! I am really glad and so is Mama, she gets very cold. I wish I was there to warm her. But Britta does, she is one of Mama’s best warmers.

Mama and her friends are very, very busy. They are working with all the doctors in the area to do a huge spay and neuter clinic in March! How cool is that, lots and lots of fixing animals so they won’t have puppies and kittens. Tomorrow Mama will get the flyers and if not too much snow comes she will take them around on Wednesday!

Lots of people are getting really excited about our walk in May too. I would be excited too, it for sure will be warmer than it is now! 

Hugs, Riley

January 25, 2011

Wow, Mama has been busy, all of our friends are helping! We are having our “Hands Helping Paws” event on March 7th. We have lots of cool art stuff for our silent auction. It was our friend Pam’s idea, that Pam she is a good idea person. 

Then today Mama, Sue, and Barb delivered the hearts all over Big Rapids and Reed City! People can put their name on them for a donation and then we can help even more animals.

 Then on May 14th we will be having our fun walk/run. I wish I was going with Mama! I know I would be the chosen one if I was still in my earth body. I just wonder who Mama will take, one of my lucky brothers or sisters! How cool is that.

 Hugs, Riley

January 20, 2011

Today is like the best day ever but I miss Mama so much on these kinds of days. Mama and all her friends who volunteer for my fund took the Therapy Dogs to Brookside School in Big Rapids to visit. Gabe, Rugby, Pixie, Stella, Baylee and my little brother Rusty all went with their Moms and Dads. I watched them all and they did a great job, they are very gentle dogs while they are working.

Then tonight Lexy is going to GT Norman School in Reed City for Spectrum Hospital to have kids read to her. My friends Bud and Sue, Barb and Cinder will be there and lots of other dogs. I loved doing Therapy Dog work with Mama more than anything in the whole world. I am so proud of all of the dogs who help kids. It really is the best day ever!

Hugs, Riley

January 17, 2011

Today we had a nice dog who had worms who needed our help, yuck worms! I am glad we could help him. He will be glad too.

Mama is busy planning our Have a Heart fundraiser where everyone signs their name on a heart for dollars to help all the animals who are in need and she is busy with her friends and those people she calls the board planning on the Hands Helping Paws event at the Blue Cow in March.

Today Roxanne, John and Carol all gave Mama cat and dog food for the pantry. Mama dropped it off and the lady said how thankful the people are to have pet food and what a blessing it is to have it. 

Today I can see Mama’s heart misses me a lot, I miss Mama too.

Hugs, Riley

January 13, 2011

Wow we had a busy day yesterday with my fund! Mama went to talk to all the ladies of the Big Rapids Business and Professional Women Club. She had a great time, our friend Debbie Patterson (Maddie and Shelby’s Mom) asked her to go. The ladies were so nice, I just love nice ladies.

Then when Mama got home our friend Roxanne called about a poor dog who had been shot. The doc who fixes Rosanne’s dogs, nice Dr. Davids of the Pet Hospital came in at night and helped the dog. He is a good man. This morning we helped pay the bill. I am glad Doc, Roxanne and us were there to help!

Then today we have a really nice boxer girl in Big Rapids who needs a home. She is only 18 months old and all fixed and has her shots, she is very pretty and loves all cats, kids and dogs. Her family needs to find her a new home so we are trying to help. If you’d like her send us a email and Mama can help you to give her a forever home.

Tomorrow Lexy gets to do more visiting with kids! WooHoo for Lexy!

Hugs, Riley

January 7, 2011

Woo Hoo! Yesterday was the best day ever for my fund. All of my Therapy Dog friends and their people started visiting schools in Mecosta and Osceola Counties! They are visiting tons of kids in 14 schools and giving them pencils, stickers and bookmarks with my fund name on it through the grants we got from Mecosta and Osceola Counties Foundations.

Yesterday they went to Crossroads Charter Academy in Big Rapids. Mike and Gabe, Mary and Shayley, Barb and Cinder, Roxanne and Dexter, Sue and Bud, Patti and Bailey, my Dad and my brother Kegan, my Mom and my sister Lexy were all there! There were almost 60 children. The children went wild! I love wild children best of all. Really the children were very nice just excited. I so wish I could have been there.

I was very proud of all of my friends though. It is so nice that they all take the time to volunteer. People and dogs are both very busy you know. But this is a really important job. The kids asked really good questions and we told them about all the breeds of dogs and what my fund does to help animals. Then we told them about the fixing of dogs and kitties so there would be no unwanted puppies or kittens. Yesterday was a really great day for my fund. Special Thanks to all my dog friends and my people friends!

Hugs, Riley

January 3, 2011

We had more calls for help today. I heard Mama tell the doctor we could help the dog and the kitty. I love the helping.

Lexy went to see the puppies yesterday. I love puppies but Lexy said they were creepy! She said I don’t want one ever! I was really surprised and I could see that Mama was too. There are five puppies left who need homes. Lexy said the little boy one was ok but she still did not want him.

Now Mama and her friends are planning for our art event at the Blue Cow Café. It will be lots of fun and I hope we make lots of money to help all the animals who need us.

Hugs, Riley

January 2, 2011

Mama totaled up the amount of all the dogs and cats my fund helped this year. And we helped 122 animals in need plus provided 1500 lbs of pet food! How awesome is that. I am so proud of all of the people I love for helping. I think that they are all angels on earth. I miss them all so much but at least I can feel them doing the helping.

Mama still is missing me too, I suppose she always will. Today she is taking my sister Lexy to see all the puppies we are trying to find homes for. I bet Lexy will love the puppies. I know I love puppies more than anything! If you have room in your heart for a puppy or a dog or kitty think about looking at a shelter or rescue pet, they really need forever homes.

Hugs, Riley