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December 29, 2010

Tanker and I are always busy up here! Now we have to do some double time. Aunt Barb is right… Vixon does have her big girl panties on. Vixon thinks she is in charge of her own life! Wow that sounds familiar, just like me as a pup. Tanker and I will try to send a special owner her way. For now lots of baths are a great idea!

All our puppies need good homes and now there is another shelter boy on our facebook page. His name is Tony, he is 2 years old. He is a good boy who really wants a family. He is up for adoption through Boxer Haven too. There are no shortages of “good dogs” for adoption!

Hugs, Riley

December 28, 2010

Wow, the helping is just really something. Maybe because it is Christmas, so many need us. Kitties and dogs too! Lots of fixing and something called renal failure too with the kitties and a dog too. I am glad we can help their renals.

And then the most wonderful thing in the world happened! Uncle Lonnie and Aunt Barb saved 8 boxer mix pups from the shelter. I mean really I think Uncle Lonnie and Aunt Barb have hearts bigger than Santa’s whole bag of presents.

Mama went to their house tonight. I saw her riding in the car, I love car rides. But mostly I love puppies!!! I wish I could have been with Mama to see the puppies. Mama picked a favorite, his name is Comet. He is very cute. Lexy wishes she could have him for her very own brother, but Mama says we have six and that is enough. Mama always knows best at my house. I think Mama still misses me too much to bring home a puppy.

Mama had fun with the puppies, she helped them with their photos and she cut their toenails, they had baths too! How fun. Aunt Sue was there too with Bud and Roo came too. Roo is a year old boxer pup who needs a home. Aunt Sue is her foster Mom.

If you know a special home who needs a puppy just tell my Mama or my Aunt Barb. All the puppies pictures are on my Riley MacKenzie facebook page and on the Boxer Haven web site. 

Hugs, Riley

December 18, 2010

It was a very busy week for my fund! We got to help three kitties and three dogs. Mama was so very busy. I could see her rushing around doing the helping and then she and her friend Pam started to plan a very special fundraiser!

The fundraiser will be in March. It will be very cool. Quilts and cool things made of yarn will be available for people to buy. We will be having lots more to say about that soon.

Then today I had to do a very important job up here across the Rainbow Bridge. One of the little dogs we helped with something called renal failure did not make it in the earth life. I heard the horns sound that help was needed at the bridge! It is very important when someone is crossing the bridge to drop everything and run to guide them across.

This week I got to help my little friend two times. First I tried to help the earth body of my friend get well and then I helped my friend with the understanding part when the wonderful doctor could not keep my friends earth body going.  There is a place up here across the Rainbow Bridge where everything is good, my friend knows that now. I hope the earth family can find peace in the knowing that I helped their friend. I have always been a helper and I am glad I was here to help a friend.

Hugs, Riley

December 12, 2010

Wow, the snow is falling today. I felt bad for Mama and my brothers and sisters, no walking outside today! My brother Rusty is hardly as tall as the snow and my sister Lexy does not have enough hair to be walking outside. Our snow plow man Jeff came. I loved chasing him away! No one seems to care now that I am not there to be in charge of plowing.

Everyone at my house is safe and warm, that makes me very happy. Mama sent out our December letter telling everyone who many cool things our fund has done and people are sending money again to help animals. We have nice people on earth, especially by my house. Good thing, we have lots of animals who need help.

Today Mama is busy getting all the therapy dogs lined up with their people to visit schools and give out pencils and bookmarks. She has heard from half of the schools and soon will hear from the rest. How fun is that! I love kids!!!

Hugs, Riley

December 10, 2010

My fund has been so busy this week. So many animals need help. Yesterday was dog fixing day and today is about fixing kitties. And then Mama called all the schools that my sister Lexy and our dog friends will be visiting. I loved visiting kids. All the kids will get a pencil and a bookmark. The bookmarks have my picture and Tankers picture on them. Tanker and I talk about our families every single day. I am glad Tanker is my friend.

Lenny and Rugby visited kids at the kindergarten today. They did a awesome job and all the kids loved Rugby, he is soft and snugly and he behaves very nicely! They gave out my bookmarks to the kids and pencils too. Lenny told Mama his favorite question was what kind of dogs are boxers. Lenny told the kids about all kinds of dogs, he told them boxers were love. That Lenny, he is a good friend to Mama.

Our friend Sue stopped today to see Mama too. She brought a photo of Bud the boxer with Santa. Mama has a photo of me with Santa when I was just a pup, it was my first Christmas. I know this year Mama will be lonesome for me at Christmas but I bet from up here it will be spectacular for Tanker and I. I will tell you all about it.

Hugs, Riley

December 6, 2010

Guess what happened today at my house where I lived when I was a earth dog? Mama’s friends came over for pizza! Uncle Lonnie and Aunt Barb, and Uncle Kent and Aunt Sue brought the pizza! I love pizza, up here across the bridge everything can taste like pizza if you want it to—or ice cream or biscuits. It really is quite something. All my brothers and sisters got a little taste of the pizza. Of course if I would have been there I would have been the first tester of the pizza, you know, just to make sure it was ok.

It was nice Mama’s friends came to visit, Mama has been so lonesome for me lately. This morning when she walked everyone in the field I tried to tell her I was there. I know she felt me, just like a little kiss of the wind I was there to wash away her tears.

 So anyway, Mama’s friends brought her a special surprise, really it was for her and my Dad too. It is a really pretty stone for them to remember me. It has our fund name and the special heart of my fund and everything. Then on the bottom of it is my name and the special day my Doctor Don and my Cathy helped me cross the Rainbow Bridge. Uncle Lonnie put it right by the back door so Mama can see it every day and remember me. Lots of my friends helped to buy the special stone. I am really surprised that Mama’s friends don’t have tails, cause they are just as nice as any dog I have ever met. My Mama and Dad are so lucky to be so loved.

 Hugs, Riley

December 2, 2010

Today we were big helpers! We helped a nice dog with a hurt ear and we fixed 3 kitties! Got to love that! I can see it was a cold day at my house. Mama took everyone for a walk first thing in the morning just like always. Then Lexy got to go walk in the afternoon with our friends Peaches and Glenda.

Mama stopped and saw my doctor and his nice wife Jeannie today, Kelly too. My doctor gave my Mama a hug, I taught him it was ok to hug. He used to only give Mama a hug if someone crossed the rainbow bridge. But I changed that all right!

It still is a hard time for Mama. You know, the missing me. I am still there for Mama just my earth body is not. Someday I will see Mama again. But for now we are just close.

Hugs, Riley