Mama and I have been very busy today! First I went to my Doctor, I have a hurt leg again. Mama is worried of course. Then we typed all the names of the people who supported our fundraiser onto the web site. That is a very hard thing for dogs to do since we have no thumbs.

We are really grateful to all of the people who helped us. Barb and Lonnie, Kent and Sue, Heather and Mikey, Trish and Todd, Carol, Sherry and Terry, Gale, Ben, Kelley, Nicole, Uncle Steve and Grandma Pauline, Lenny and Mary, Glenda and Charlene, and of course my Mama and my Dad!

The Eagles Club was awesome and the Pioneer Group Newspaper and Big Rapids Radio Network helps us so much. We had so many friends there to support the animals in need. Check out our web site to see all their names and look for photos on face book.

We are already planning to have a second anniversary party in the fall and in the spring we are having a walk for dogs (cats too)! How cool is that, of course I will be there with my creepy little sister Lexy! 

Hugs, Riley

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