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November 27, 2010

More kitties needing help! Wow, it never ends for kitties and the fixing. Good thing Mama and I decided to put kitties on the stickers from the Osceola Community Foundation kids fund.

Speaking of stickers… the Christmas Parade was in Reed City today and they kids got candy and stickers. My float was very cool! It had lots of my friends on it and walking too. It had a tree and Santa and the reindeer and of course Uncle Lonnie’s big red truck pulled the float! The kids loved the stickers. My sister Lexy and my brother Kegan passed them out.

It was a hard time for Mama. She missed me last week in the Big Rapids Parade and this week too. I loved parades.

Hugs, Riley

November 20, 2010

It has been kitty week for my fund and they all need fixing! There are more broken kitties that I can count, so we are fixing them. Some weeks are just like that. We have lots of nice kitties across the rainbow bridge. All colors and shapes and sizes.

I see Mama missing me and I saw the UPS man bring my bookmarks this week for the kids. Soon the stickers and pencils will come. My bookmarks are very cool, kids will love them. They have my picture on one side and on the other side is my friend Tanker Graham and my sis, Lexy when she was a pup. Tanker helps me do rounds up here, he is a awesome Therapy Dog.

Better go, I hear the trumpet, someone is coming and they need us at the bridge for escort.

Hugs, Riley

November 14, 2010

Guess what! My little sister Lexy is going to have an awesome time! I just saw that my fund got two grants for kids. Mama and I worked real hard on the grants when I was sick. They are from the Osceola and Mecosta County Community Foundations. The grants are for pencils, bookmarks and stickers to give kids in schools, at parades and at libraries.

Lexy will get to go visit kids and give those cool things out to them. She will do it and so will other Therapy Dogs from my fund. It will be very fun, because all us Therapy Dogs love kids. My friend Sherry is making all the stuff at her print shop. She is the one who made my special photo for Mama. I love that girl!

I noticed that Mama was very busy the end of this week too. We had two dogs and a kitty who needed help. Mostly with fixing, this is our very favorite thing to do. The more we fix broken kitties and dogs the less unwanted puppies we have.

I thought you’d all like to know that Britta is doing very well at my house too. She loves everyone. I can see she is Mama’s shadow. I think that right now it is a good thing for my Mama to have a white shadow.

Hugs, Riley

November 12, 2010

Hi there! Riley here, I’ve been thinking about writing for the past few days but it’s really been something trying to get used to having thumbs. I always thought thumbs would be a cool thing but it is really quite odd now that I have them. Thumbs work real good for some things, for others it takes getting used to.

Thumbs are only one of the things that are different on this side of the rainbow bridge. I can see a far ways up here. I see everyone that I helped all the time I was a Therapy Dog Doctor. I remember them all. I especially loved the children. I will never forget going to the nursery school with the wild little boys and the cuddly little girls. And there are the old ones who missed their own dogs so very much. The ones in critical care took everything I had to give. The one from Hurricane Katrina, she loved me just because I smelled like a real dog. I still make rounds every day up here. You know boxers are working dogs.

I am very busy up here, hardly any time for naps, but when you do take a nap it is very awesome. Clouds are the best dog beds ever. Did you know in heaven the car windows are always rolled down so your ears can blow in the wind when you hang your head out the car window. And there are biscuit jars everywhere and bowls full of cool clear water. And there is a very kind black lady who appears to run the place, I hear some of them call her God. I call her Friend. Everyone sees her or him in a different way, I suppose we all see her how we need to. Dad told me from the time I was a pup that she was a black lady, guess that is why I see her that way.

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge was very different. Mama told me Libby and MacKenzie would be there to help me. Mama was right. I hurt so bad those last few days with Mama, and the bridge looked so very far away. As the pain begin to fade the bridge got closer and closer. It was a long, long bridge. I thought, I will never be able to go so far but as my paw touched the first board of the bridge they all appeared. There was a whole host of them with Libby and MacKenzie in the very front of the line. Walking next to them was a lady who was very small in stature with coal black hair. MacKenzie called her “The Frozen Cookie Grandma”. I remember Mama talking about her a lot. She is the one who taught Mama that animals have souls too. She taught everyone kindness and patience.

They walked with me all the way across the rainbow bridge. Libby was on my right, and MacKenzie on my left, and Grandma Frozen Cookie with her hand on my shoulder. It was a huge procession. Really it was magical. Now that I understand the importance of the procession when the trumpet sounds I run to help the new ones cross. They are timid and confused at first just like I was, then they feel the wonder of it all, and it is all perfect.

I have a very special box here, we all have one. My box is lined with purple velvet. When I had to leave Mama her heart broke right into two pieces. In my box is the half of her heart she gave to me to keep for all of time. There are other pieces of special hearts in my box too. My Doctor Don and my Cathy gave me a piece of their heart when they helped me on that last day with Mama. And I have pieces of Dad’s heart in my box, and Sissy’s and all my friends, and my brothers and sisters.

When I had to leave I promised Mama that she would always have my heart and she would always know I am there with her, just like MacKenzie. I know she feels me most on walks in the hayfield. She can feel me all right, it’s just that the feeling is different now. I would like to kiss Mama’s tears away on her walks but Lexy does it for me now. For us, Mama and I, just the closeness is what we have now.

When Mama let me go I told her I still wanted to be the helper and the healer. So Mama and I decided that Lexy’s Mom, Britta, should come live in my house. I said it was ok because her family did not want her anymore. She is older now and she can’t hear words, only love. She has had so many families, it really isn’t fair. She needed a forever place, so I gave Britta all my earth things, my bed, my food and my collar. I have all new ones now.

This place, it really is something. I can see all of those who need the help of my fund. I see Mama and the people on the Riley MacKenzie Fund board of directors helping all of the animals who need their help so much. I will still write to you about the ones my fund helps, each and every one of them, just like always. Because from here I can see a far, far, ways.

Hugs, Riley

November 6, 2010

I haven’t been feeling the best lately. I have to take a lot of pain meds. My back and my legs hurt really bad. I have lots of new lumps now too. Mama and I slept on the floor together last night. I have never been a snuggler but last night I cuddled up as close as I could, it felt really good.

This morning I cried when I got up and Mama helps me lay down now. But then tonight I was better. It made Mama real happy. My Doc calls and stops all the time, he keeps real close tabs on me. He is a good man.

In between naps today we had to help 3 dogs. And then guess what. We had to help 2 rescue rabbits too! How fun! Bunnies are really quite cool. Then we had another call on a little stray dog who needed fixing. Then Sissy came to visit me and so did my Uncle and Grandma. I love them a lot and it was nice to see them. It was a busy, busy day in between naps.

Hugs, Riley


November 2, 2010

Mama and I have been very busy today! First I went to my Doctor, I have a hurt leg again. Mama is worried of course. Then we typed all the names of the people who supported our fundraiser onto the web site. That is a very hard thing for dogs to do since we have no thumbs.

We are really grateful to all of the people who helped us. Barb and Lonnie, Kent and Sue, Heather and Mikey, Trish and Todd, Carol, Sherry and Terry, Gale, Ben, Kelley, Nicole, Uncle Steve and Grandma Pauline, Lenny and Mary, Glenda and Charlene, and of course my Mama and my Dad!

The Eagles Club was awesome and the Pioneer Group Newspaper and Big Rapids Radio Network helps us so much. We had so many friends there to support the animals in need. Check out our web site to see all their names and look for photos on face book.

We are already planning to have a second anniversary party in the fall and in the spring we are having a walk for dogs (cats too)! How cool is that, of course I will be there with my creepy little sister Lexy! 

Hugs, Riley