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October 31, 2010

Talk about a big night! Mama and I were up really late counting money and eating biscuits! Mama got home from our first anniversary fundraiser at one o’clock in the morning, just in time for a late night biscuit.

So, Mama and I wanted to count all the money our friends donated and put it on the web site. Everyone had a great time and after the counting we raised $4066.00 to help animals in need.

Free Flight did a great job playing music, I love those guys! Lenny was a really cool emcee, he is like the best friend ever. Glenda, Barb, Sue, Nicole, Kelley, Heather, Carol, Trish, Sherry and Mama had lots of fun planning, decorating, and playing games and such to make money for the animals. Tons of people and pet food came in to stock the shelves at the Manna Pantry. Our new animals control officer Trent came too, everyone was glad to see him because he is always out helping animals.

It was just awesome! If you go to our Facebook page you can see all the photos. We got to see lots of our friends and met lots of new friends. All in all about 140 friends showed up to celebrate our first anniversary. Thanks to everyone!

Hugs, Riley

October 28, 2010

Wow! Mama and I are so excited about all the dogs in class! The young dogs and pups are doing a great job. While the older more schooled dogs are having tons of fun in the Rally class! Mama and Aunt Barb are so very proud of everyone, so am I!!!

We are getting very excited about our first anniversary fundraiser on Saturday. Tomorrow is decorating day. I will nap while the girls decorate. Then on to the big party on Saturday. I hope we make lots of money to help animals. I will be napping while Mama and all my friends are working hard.

I am still very tired from my surgery, come to think of it a nap sounds pretty good right now.

Hugs, Riley

October 27, 2010

Just got back from my buddy Doc! I love that guy and his girls! He said that he thinks I am going to be ok! I am just real tired from all the surgery. Mama and I are really hoping the bad cancer is gone.

Just before we left for the Doc’s office the Pioneer Newspaper called. It was our friend John again. He is so nice to write about stuff my fund does. He wanted to do a story so everyone would remember to come to my first anniversary party this weekend at the Eagles in Big Rapids.

John asked Mama how much money my fund had raised in our first year. Thankfully Mama and I had just added it up. My paws are very tired from typing. When we deposit the Match Day money tomorrow we will have raised $19,900.00!!! And all that money goes to help animals in need.

We are so lucky that so many people donate money to help animals. I always want to buy the animals biscuits and treats but Mama says no they need help at doctor’s offices and such. Sometimes they have broken legs and sometimes we help them get fixed up so they don’t have kittens and puppies. We help as much as we can. So far we helped 94 animals this year!

In August Mama got real nervous because we only had $72.00 left after we paid all our bills on the animals we helped. We think it might be a hard winter so good thing we will have the Match money and the Anniversary money to help us through. Probably Mama won’t want to spend that money on biscuits either. She says she and those people who she calls the board always talk about biscuits and decide not to spend money on the biscuits. I think she is just telling stories about the biscuits to settle me down. I love biscuits!

Hugs, Riley

October 23, 2010

I feel so good! Mama and I have been walking every single day. Yesterday we went walking in the field in the morning and saw some deer. After dinner we walked with our friend Sherry and my sister Lexy in town. It was so fun. I do get very tired easily so I have lots of naps.

Today I had a really bad four letter word happen to me. It is almost as bad as the worst four letter word, you know S-T-A-Y. So today I had a B-A-T-H, very Yucky!!! I really did not need one but for some reason Mama put me in the tub and washed me up.

We have been doing lots of stuff getting ready for my 1st Anniversary Party in Big Rapids on the 30th at the Eagles Club. The guys came over last night and practiced music and they sounded really great! Mama and Sherry made some signs and gift certificates and looked at all the cool stuff for auction. It will be real fun. I hope we get lots of people food and animal food for the pantry!

Mama and I are really excited because at Match day we raised $8461.00 to help animals. And so far this year we have helped 94 animals in need! How cool is that.

Hugs, Riley

October 16, 2010

Today is a great day! I am almost off pain meds and I feel so good. I went for a walk this morning with Mama and my sister Lexy. I played with Lexy for the first time in a long time. It was very fun. Mama and Lexy both smiled a lot!

I cannot believe that I missed dog class graduation when I was sick. I love to go to see how well all the dogs are doing. Mama said they all did very well and everyone graduated!

Now Mama and I are getting ready for our new classes on Tuesday. We have lots of great young beginners signed up and we are having a AKC Rally class with some of our older dogs. It will be awesome! I love Rally.

Mama and I will be very busy this week getting out all the new flyers for our February class. And we have lots to do for our fundraiser on October 30th at the Eagles in Big Rapids. My guys are coming again this Friday night to practice music. Those guys are so fun. We have a whole room full of cool stuff people donated for our silent auction too! It is gonna be a great time!

Talk to you soon, I think I better have a nap so I can keep getting well for Mama.

Hugs, Riley

October 15, 2010

I have always thought that the baddest word in the whole world was that four letter one, you know S-T-A-Y. I hate it when Mama is going somewhere and she says the bad four letter word when I am waiting at the door to go out with her.

But today when I went to see my doctor and my girls I found out that there is a badder word. It has six letters. I knew it was badder than the four letter word when my doctor told Mama I had it. I really don’t understand it, but the word is Cancer. I was hugging my Doc and the girls when he started talking and saying big words like pathology… I don’t know what a pathology is but it made Mama cry. So I guess I don’t like it. Doc said my pathology was not good, so I am sure I should not like it.

My Doc and my girls did the best they could to get all my cancer and they think maybe they did. Mama says if anyone could make me better it would be my Doc and my girls, we love them cause they always do their best. I hope they got all the cancer for Mama, then she won’t have anymore tears for me to kiss away. We won’t know for sure for a couple months if my cancer is gone or not. So Mama says for Christmas the only present she wants is for me to be well. I think I will be. I might pretend I am sick though because if you are sick you get all the biscuits and ice cream you can eat! That would be very cool.

So maybe tonight when you say your prayers you can say a little prayer for me and Mama.

Hugs, Riley

October 11, 2010

Guess what!?!?! I went to my doc and I am getting well!!!! Mama is so excited. I mean really it was the best visit ever. Of course Doc wiggled at me and my Kathy hugged me and even Doc’s wife Jeanie came in to see how I was doing.

All my parts are going back together real good so Mama is very happy. I have a little bit of a bad spot were the incision is but my Kathy ordered a special new medicine that will come in tomorrow for me. She is always ordering cool stuff!

While Mama was there she asked Doc and my girls if they could just fix her hot flashes. Poor Mama, in the night all of the sudden she gets really hot and all the covers go flying. Doc and my girls laughed like crazy at Mama, I guess she needs to go see her own doctor and her own girls!

Anyway, Mama is REALLY HAPPY! I like that! And we made a appointment to get two kitties fixed too! No more broken kitties, wooohooo!

Hugs, Riley

October 10, 2010

I feel so much better today! So does Mama now that she does not have to worry so much. The only thing is I have to be on my leash for 2 more weeks! That is like forever in dog time.

My fund has been real busy though so I do have something to do. Mama always needs me to help her with my fund. We are hoping to hear on the grants we wrote soon. Especially the one for kids! Maybe the grants will come through and I will be well and can go visit kids and be in parades! I hope so.

I better go now, Mama has my leash and we are going out for a few minutes. A guy can only sleep so much!

Hugs, Riley

October 9, 2010

Wow! What a week. I was so sick, I had to have a thing they call surgery on my leg. Mama has been a real mess!!! I am finally getting better now. I am cutting back on the turkey wrapped pain meds.

 I am never naughty but I was last night. Mama finally went to sleep and so did Dad, my bandage slipped down and I took the drain tube out of my leg. Mama was not happy. It was really pestering me and I could not sleep so I fixed it. It is still draining so Mama says she hopes it is ok.

I feel lots better and look much happier according to Mama. I stood out in the yard today on my leash and let the wind blow on my face, that was real nice.

My fund has been so busy this week, we had lots of dogs and kitties to fix, no more broken animals!!! And some of the dogs had broken parts and had to have surgery like me.

My friend Memphis who wrote me got a new foster sis! Her name is Juno, she is really skinny but Memphis will share his food and fatten her up. She is very lucky to have Mark and Becky for foster parents. If you need a nice girl boxer just look at the Boxer Haven Web site and you can apply to adopt her, she is real cute!

Hugs, Riley

October 3, 2010

WooHooo!!!! Our babysitter Kelsey is the homecoming queen!!! I mean how cool is that! I think that my boxer girl Millie would look really great in Kelsey’s crown. I bet my Millie will get to try it on since they are sisters.

Mama and Dad went to the homecoming game to see if Kelsey would be queen. I knew she would, she is the nicest girl in the whole world. She loves animals and everyone she meets. She plays ball with us at our house. She is the best girl ever!

Dad says now her Mom Trish (who is on the board for my fund) can be the Queen Mother! Trish thought Dad was silly when he said that. I can hardly wait til my Kelsey comes to visit. I will give her a kiss fit for a queen. 

I have not been feeling well lately so Mama has been letting me rest instead of being in charge of everything but she did tell me today that my fund has helped 86 animals!!!! I think that is awesome. I should probably be king of my fund. I will ask Mama if she thinks that is a good idea.

Hugs, Riley