Boy am I glad Match Day is over. Mama spent the night Wednesday night in line for Match Day with a whole bunch of her friends. We missed her in our bed, we slept with Dad. We raised a lot of money to help animals so we are ok that Mama was not in the big bed.

Mama said that it was hard to stay up all night. That is probably because she is no young pup any more. She is 364 in dog years! She was so tired that at about 3:00 a.m. she and her friends started talking about bra’s and dogs—really how do those things happen? Anyway her friend Lynne from the Susan P. Wheatlake Women’s Health and Wellness Center and her friend Sheila from Artworks told her about a special event called “Bra”cause we care.

Next thing I know instead of playing with me Mama is making a dog out of a bra with her friend Sherry who comes to visit us when the guys in the band play. Sherry made the logo for my fund. So Mama and Sherry got the dog all made into a bra for the event on October 18th at the Blue Cow in Big Rapids. You should have seen Mama and Sherry they had hot glue burns all over them and they were covered in gorilla glue!!! But the dog looks great! You can see him on our facebook page.

I have been busy going to my doctors office cause I still have that thing he calls a hematoma.  Mama and I are going again on Monday to see Doc Don. I hope it is better cause it really makes Mama worry. 

Hugs, Riley

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