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September 25, 2010

Boy am I glad Match Day is over. Mama spent the night Wednesday night in line for Match Day with a whole bunch of her friends. We missed her in our bed, we slept with Dad. We raised a lot of money to help animals so we are ok that Mama was not in the big bed.

Mama said that it was hard to stay up all night. That is probably because she is no young pup any more. She is 364 in dog years! She was so tired that at about 3:00 a.m. she and her friends started talking about bra’s and dogs—really how do those things happen? Anyway her friend Lynne from the Susan P. Wheatlake Women’s Health and Wellness Center and her friend Sheila from Artworks told her about a special event called “Bra”cause we care.

Next thing I know instead of playing with me Mama is making a dog out of a bra with her friend Sherry who comes to visit us when the guys in the band play. Sherry made the logo for my fund. So Mama and Sherry got the dog all made into a bra for the event on October 18th at the Blue Cow in Big Rapids. You should have seen Mama and Sherry they had hot glue burns all over them and they were covered in gorilla glue!!! But the dog looks great! You can see him on our facebook page.

I have been busy going to my doctors office cause I still have that thing he calls a hematoma.  Mama and I are going again on Monday to see Doc Don. I hope it is better cause it really makes Mama worry. 

Hugs, Riley

September 21, 2010

Mama and I have been very busy raising money for Match Day! All of my friends are helping and we have over $5000.00 to help animals!! WoooHoo!! I will write more when Thursday is done and we have all our Match Money in.

Hugs, Riley

September 12, 2010

We are having lots of fun getting ready for our flea market sale on September 18th at P&JPlantiques/Fullmer and Son’s. We hope we sell lots of fleas to make money to help dogs and cats! Mama says we will but I sure don’t know why people would buy fleas!

Snyder’s will have lunch there too! So bring your hungry tummy. I love lunch time. They are also having a secret auction, there will be lots of cool stuff to buy. And they are having fall plants and all kinds of other stuff.

We are really glad they are so nice to us to help us raise money because we had lots of animals who needed help lately. We are waiting to hear on our grant and hope we get it to fix lots of broken animals so they don’t have any more puppies or kittens. I don’t get what a grant is but I know when Mama wrote it she did less petting and lots of typing.

Oh here comes the tractor, got to go bark it away!

 Hugs, Riley

September 7, 2010

We are doing great with our “Match Day” fundraiser. We have over $1000.00. How cool is that! I told Mama I want to do a “Match Day” for me, myself, and I. I thought for every biscuit Mama gives me Dad could match it with two more! Great idea huh!!!! Mama did not think so. So I guess we will stick with the fundraiser “Match Day”. It will help lots of dogs and cats.

Once again it is fix it week. We have had two calls for dogs who need fixing, one boy and one girl. No puppies for them! We like fixing animals at my fund. In two more days I get my stitches out, woohooo. They are staring to itch. 

Hugs, Riley

September 4, 2010

I have had a busy week! I am still trying to get well from my surgery that Doc Don did. I can go for walks again!!! That is so very exciting. Mama was gone to dog obedience class Tuesday night and to Therapy Dog class Thursday night so I had lots of time to take naps and rest.

We are very excited about the “Match Day” that we are doing with the Mecosta County Community Foundation. We have eight checks already for “Match Day”! If people write us a check and make it out to Mecosta County Community Foundation, date it for September 23, 2010 and put our name in the memo line we get fifty cents for every dollar we raise. I go pick up the checks at the post office with Mama. I can carry lots of checks so keep them coming!

Yesterday a very nice lady named Linda Gilbert died. She wanted memorial money to go to our fund. All the people that help Mama with the fund feel so bad about Linda crossing the rainbow bridge. Her kids told us that she loved animals a lot. I bet all her animals who have crossed the rainbow bridge will be waiting for her to help her into heaven.

Well I better go. My Mary and my Lenny are coming for dinner and I need to rest up!

Hugs, Riley