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August 31, 2010

Mama is the best nurse ever. My bandages did  not stay on very well even though I stood real still. Mama ended up wrapping my leg up about every hour since Thursday night til Monday morning. But I went and saw Doc Don Monday and he says no more bandages, wooo hooo! I am very tired from my pain meds but I am gonna be ok now.

Mama was so worried about me and so were all of her friends. I have been so busy I could not even update people and typing was just impossible!

So now for the updates. We have had four calls for help this week already and it is just Tuesday! Tonight dog class starts so we have more money to help animals who need us. Our fundraisers on September 18 at P&J Plantiques in Roger Heights and on October 30 at the Big Rapids Eagles club are in full swing, all my friends are coming and we home you do too! I will type more about them later. Also Mama’s friend Jeanette helped her write a grant for fixing dogs and cats so they can’t have any puppies and kittens. We really don’t like broken dogs and cats so we hope we get the fixing grant. Keep all your paws crossed for us.

I better go pain meds kicking in, nap time.

Hugs, Riley

August 27, 2010

Doc fixed me today and I can hardly type I am so tired. I guess what happened is I hurt myself and made a blood hematoma. Mama has bandages to change at least 4 times a day. But it is ok cause I don’t have cancer. So Mama is so happy!

Hugs, Riley

August 25, 2010

Mama is very worried about me. I just got back from the doctor and I have a great big tumor. Anyway that is what Mama says, I just know I have a great big lump like a tennis ball on my leg and it was not there Friday. So tomorrow I have to go to the doctor again and have a thing called surgery. Mama is very upset and so I am. I am upset because I can not have breakfast. I bet that is why Mama is upset too.

 If you could pray for me it would be real good and maybe you could pray for Mama cause she is really not doing real well but I am trying to Therapy Dog her and make her feel better. My Doc Don says he will do the best he can, and then he hugged Mama, I hugged her too.

Hugs, Riley

August 22, 2010

I scared Mama really bad last night! I have an infection and it went into my lymph nodes. So Mama found a lump under my arm. Us boxers get bad things called cancer and Mama thought that my lump was that cancer thing. I told Mama not to worry and I wiggled my tail at her but she worried anyway. So she called my doctor, I love that guy! He said it was only a lymph node doing its job to help me get well. Now Mama is very happy.

 Hugs, Riley

August 19, 2010

Today we are helping a dog with a hurt ear. My brother Kegan always has ear troubles and I feel really bad for him. So I am really glad we can help the dog with a hurt ear.

At my house the farmer is spreading really smelly stuff all over the field! Eeewww it really smells bad but it is good for our fields so Mama lets him do it. He keeps coming with a big tractor and we keep barking him away! It really is lots of fun.

Hugs, Riley

August 15, 2010

Mama and I have been very, very busy! We are planning two parties for my fund. One is on September 18th at P&J Plantiques in Roger Heights. That party will be a huge flea market (we love getting rid of fleas!), and a secret auction. They are also having a big BBQ and you know how I love to eat!!!

Jeff and Pat and P&J are so cool. They love dogs like crazy and so they are helping us to raise money for my fund. If you have fleas sale stuff to donate or secret auction stuff just let us know and we can pick it up.

Then we are having our 1st anniversary party at the Eagles in Big Rapids on October 30th. My Dad’s classic rock band, Free Flight will play music and we will have snacks of course, cause eating is very important. We are having a silent auction and a cash raffle too! There will be a special prize raffle for anyone who wants to donate a bag of animal or human food for the pantry.

We hope you can come to our parties! Save those dates.

 Hugs, Riley

August 11, 2010

Today Mama and I were real busy. First we fixed a kitty who had a baby stuck in her, she was real sick. A nice doctor over by Remus fixed her. We love fixing kitties! Now she won’t have to worry about having any more babies. She was a stray kitty and a nice man found her, good thing or she would have died.

Then a boxer had a real bad hurt leg, so a doctor will fix that. I feel really special when I get to fix things. Of course I am a very special dog! Mama says I better settle down and not be so full of myself.

Also if anyone needs a kitty to love Riversbend Animal Hospital in Big Rapids Michigan has lots of them all ages and sizes and colors. So if you need a kitty email us and we will get you in touch with Riversbend!

Hugs, Riley

August 7, 2010

Today we went for our walk and we heart a really weird bird calling. Mama and I almost wondered if it was a parrot on the loose! Thankfully we did not see any deer. My sister Lexy thinks she’s like to chase them. She is also very naughty to our kittiens but I am working on that situation!

Today Mama will go to Dr. Kaufman’s new vet clinic open house in Irons. She is going to let people know about my fund. Also she will take the special collars that we use for dog class in case someone wants to buy one. That money will help my fund.

Jim and Sue our special friends who adopted a really sweet Boston Terrier from us just sent some money for my fund. They are the most special people they have adopted 3 Bostons from Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue!

Hugs, Riley

August 4, 2010

Sparky needs a home! He is a 5 year old puggle. He is neutered, up to date on all vaccines, and on heartworm meds. He comes with all his toys, food and crate. He is housebroken and his Mom is moving so he needs to be rehomed. He loves dogs and kids. He is a really good boy! Let us know if you can help. 

Hugs, Riley

August 2, 2010

I am so excited! The kitten who was left at the women’s shelter in Big Rapids is getting fixed tomorrow. You all know I love to fix kitties!!! He will have all his vet stuff done and then he gets adopted by a nice lady and her daughter. He will have a forever home just like me! I mean really, the day just can’t get any better.

Hugs, Riley